A Bionicle Life is a part machinima and a parody of Bionicle.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1/BeginningsEdit

The story introduces the characters: Takanuva, Ignika, Redheat, and Michael. The four sat together and are watching Aces Go Places II(which was bought by Takanuva who thinks it's great). Everyone execpt Takanuva hated it. Ignika quickly grows impatient and decides to play Nintendo 64 and so does Michael...

Chapter 2/NewcomersEdit

Ignika a nd Takanuva challenges each other in an autobiography contest of swho will write the best autobiography. Ignika writes a great autobiography while Takanuva makes a crappy summary of how he is cool and is the hreo plus using numbers in his report. Ignika claims it's horrible as the two fight each other. Meanwhile, Michael is playing Halo and Redheat is reading a chinese comic strip. Michael is owned several times(because he joined a professional room), pissing him off. Later 2 mail products arrive. Redheat and Michael heard it. Even Takanuva and Ignika(whom both were fighting with Takanuva the upper hand) heard it. The four grabbed their weapons as they approach the packages which opens up and reveal...ICARAX AND VAMPRAH. Icarax scares the four protagonists as Takanuva, Ignika, Redheat, and Michael flees away.

Chapter 3/ Ignika vs Takanuva(not yet known)Edit

Ignika pwns Takanuva in Halo Trial making Takanuva angry. The two decides to have a rematch...

Chapter 4/WAR(not yet known)Edit

Takanuva and Icarax begin to get upset of each other as they form two groups fighting ewach other...

Chapter 5/The Game Griefer(not yet known)Edit

In Halo, a griefer named James Jenkins kills Ignika's character several times making him mad. The problem gets much worse as everyone seems to get owned by Jenkins, leaving no choice for the Bungie Staff to use their secret weapon...

Unknown Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 12

Chapter FRIDAY THE 13THEdit

The characters gets bad luck at Friday the 13th which is being caused by a mysterious person...

Characters Edit

Takanuva- the main protagonist and a calm, cheap character which is extremely bad at playing games and usually are using shortcuts in saying things.

Ignika- a smart, and somewhat an impatiant character. Unlike Takanuva, Ignika is good at playing games and sometimes talk alot.

Redheat- a MOC character created by LEGO and now aids with Takanuva.

Michael- a MOC character created by LEGO and now aids with Takanuva. He is also Redheat's brother.

Icarax- a foulmouth makuta and the meanest of the characters

Vamprah- the most vicous makuta.

Video version Edit

Episodes were unable to be created and release.

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