Brawl Alertis a machinima created by MALRwiistation360. it takes place after time paradox. Solid Snake and Captain Falcon got worse, a lot worse.This is a crossover between Super Smash Bros Brawl and Command & Conquer.

Plot Edit

It starts with both Solid Snakes and Captain Falcons are still fighting for Samus, they started a war with no end. They start blasting each other with Super Scopes (with ray gun lasers) and Cracker Launchers. They also battle each other with the Landmasters.

As the fighting escalates, Captain Falcon activates a satellite-mounted Ray Beam (actually Lucario's final smash) on Solid Snake's team. The Snake counters by summoning his Grenade Launcher against Captain Falcon's team. Then Snake's team uses Stealth Camo for a sneak attack. Captain Falcon's team retaliates by turning metal for a nigh-invulnerable counter-attack.

Then Ganondorf joins the war, attacking both teams for his amusement. Both teams are caught between each other and the near-invincible Ganondorf, who demonstrates the ability fly and to turn into Beast Ganon at will.

Notes Edit

In this machinima, The Super Scopes shoot out Ray Gun's lasers, Snake can use Stealth Camo, Captain Falcons can turn themselves into metal and Ganondorf can float around the whole stage.