First episode of Brawlgasm.

Plot Edit

In Brawlgasm: Episode 1, Snake and Lucas appear on a flat stage. Lucas jumps around, annoying Snake. Snake gets really annoyed that he chokes Lucas and accidentally kills him. Then Lucas' damage percentage says "OVER 9000! LOL" and then it starts talking to Snake by saying "....Holy Shit.... YOU JUST FUCKING KILLED HIM! What is wrong with you?!?! YOU BROKE A LITTLE KID'S NECK! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!?!?!". Then it shows Link and Peach watching Snake. Peach says "What was that?" in a funny voice and Link says "Please never speak again. Ever. Otherwise we'll have a problem". And Peach still with her funny voice says "Okay. I'm gonna go get me an abortion!" and jumps off the stage. Then it shows Kirby and Snake. Snake hides in a box. Kirby keeps throwing them away and he asks Snake "Where do you get these?" and Snake says "I don't know!". Then Kirby tells him to get out of the box but when he gets out of the box, he accidentally kills Ness with the box and says "I can't do anything right!!". The credits show while Snake chokes Sonic multiple times and then KO's him with his Side+B.

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  • First appearance of Ness.

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