Plot Edit

While Kirby is on drugs given to him by Meta Knight, Link gets a call saying that his house got burned down and that he has to go back to Hyrule. When he gets there, Zelda complains that she had to get away from Ganondorf herself. Angered, with both Zelda and Navi, Link shoots himself. ("Something I should have done after they made a fucking sequel to Wind Waker!")

Link ends up in Heaven where a gay Pit greets him saying that if he can resist temptation, he can go home. Pit leaves and 3 Sonics appear to annoy Link. Link tries to resist killing them but he got too annoyed. He killed them and started falling to Hell. There he saw 3 Zero Suit Samus', who came on to him. Before he got the chance to do anything, Zelda revives him. She claimed that he slept with a skank in leather (The Boobies.) Link couldn't remember because he took drugs from Kirby. Angry Link goes after Kirby trying to cut his balls off. Meta Knight ended the episode by saying, "And the moral of the story is: Modern religion makes since while under the influence of nearly fatal drugs."

Trivia Edit

  • Meta Knight said his only line in English in this episode