Call Of Duty: Uprising Edit

Call of Duty: Uprising (also called Realistic CoD or Operation Hijacked) is a machinima by UKsilentskillzz first released in July 2013. It has received mainly positive reviews, including praise for its series 1 finale, during which one of the three main characters was killed.

Characters Edit

Ryan: (voiced by Ryan Lee) The "main" character of the main group. Ryan was on board HMS Hijacked when it was secured by Mexico during the Gulf of Mexico invasion of 2013. He escaped with no injuries and temporary amnesia, but the implications of his actions that day lasted for a lot longer mentally.

Jonathan: (voiced by Jonathan Papprill) Jonathan was on board HMS Hijacked during its capture, but ended up stationed in Afghanistan for the UK nationals during withdrawal of troops there. He was reunited (although he didn't realise it yet) with former leader Ryan here, and they travelled together all across Eastern Asia, until Jonathan was restationed at Nuketown, when the fateful Mexican nuclear test took place. He was presumed dead at the scene.

Adam: (voiced by Adam Loughran) Adam was also briefly on board during Hijacked's capture, however he ended up stationed to Iraq during the Mexican invasion, when he reunited with battalion members Ryan and Jonathan. (Adam was the only one who fully remembered what happened, but he had to keep it from them for security) They were back on Hijacked when the nuclear test took place, and they were presumed to have caused the missile failure that killed Jonathan.

Release date Edit

Series 1 (subtitled Operation Hijacked) , ran for ten weeks from June to August 2013. Series 2 is to be released on two separate parts and the first part will be released from December 2013 to January 2014, the second part will last from March to May 2014, ending exactly a year following it's original release in May 2013. It is believed the episodes will be of a length of approximately 7-10 minutes.