is a comical machinima produced by Mysticflight Productions which the story in the first season of the series involves the Capcom heroes such as Dante, Leon S. Kennedy, Fiona Belli and many others are tracking down Albert Wesker to prevent the merger of their respective dimensions. Along the way, the Capcom heroes get themselves into crazy adventures while encountering other Capcom related characters.


  • Jill Valentine-Miyu
  • Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Saddler, Barry Burton, Ricardo Belli-Canadian Pride
  • Ada Wong, Arkham, Sparda, Rebecca Chambers, Computer, Debi Belli-Dragonazul85
  • Dante, Vergil-WindtunnelArchives
  • Lady-EnforcerEnvy
  • Ashley Graham-xxjat2424xx
  • Luis Sera-Grant
  • Arkham, Jester, Albert Wesker, Hewie, Salazar, Lorenzo-Andrew Smylie
  • Fiona Belli-Aimy Lou
  • Daniella Belli-7KiVes & A Bullet
  • Claire Redfield-Scarlotte

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