Classic Brawl Tv Shows is a machinima created by MALRwiistaion360.Time running: 5:02. In this episode old television series openings are reimagined and reenacted in sixty second clips.

Plot Edit

Superman The Animated Series: With Captain Falcon as Superman. Uses the opening song of Superman TAS and the clips from SE.

Xena: Warrior Princess: With Zelda as Xena. Uses the opening song of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Ghostbusters: With Fox, Falco, Snake, and Captain Falcon as the Ghostbusters Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston, with Jigglypuff as Stay Puft, and Kirby as Slimer. Uses the first minute part of the Ghostbusters song, and clips from SE.

Power Rangers: With Zelda as Rita, Tabuu as Zordon, Rob as Alpha, and Snake,(Red) ZS Samus,(Green) Falco,(Black) Peach,(Pink), Fox,(Blue) and Captain Falcon (Blue) as the Power Rangers (Power Suit Samus forms). Uses the opening of the Original Power Rangers.

80's TMNT: With four Squirtles as the turtles, Ganondorf as Shredder, and Lucario as Splinter. Uses the opening of the 80's TMNT song.

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