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[1][2]The Title for Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina is a thriller/drama machinima using Halo 3. It was made by DigitalPh33r.


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[edit] SummaryEdit

Deus Ex Machina is based in an alternate reality of the Halo Universe. Sometime after the events of the Halo Trilogy (possibly 2560s, based on the dates of the deaths ingraved on the gravestones of John's friends), the entire surface of Earth had been glassed, save for a small, inhabitable area of an unknown country, where a city by the name of Salvation City was built. All inhabitants were given MJOLNIR Mark VI suits to protect themselves from harsh conditions or critical situations. Salvation City had been left to defend and police itself as the UNSC was focused on fortifying its defenses in light of the ongoing Human Covenant war. As a result, a crime epidemic broke out. All civilians were made to carry tasers around with them as that was the only way they could defend themselves from the many dangerous people.

Eventually, a large black market distribution of the SPARTAN-II Project Genetic Enhancement Augmentations began. Many people were quick to purchase the genetic enhancements to give themselves a means of defending themselves in such a dangerous city. However, given that the genetic augmentations those would only successfully enhance those with a certain genetic strand, many of those who underwent the process either suffered disability, crippling injuries or even death. Still there were some who had the genetic structure to accept the enhancements, though many used them to wreak havoc on the vulnerable civilians.

John Brent and Michael Jacobs, two young residents of Salvation City had been subject to the crime epidemic, which has killed all their friends over the years of Salvation's lifetime. Unable to bear it any longer, they decide to take action against the petty robbers, drug dealers and psychotic killers. Michael, using his technological talent constructed an extremely advanced and powerful modification of John's MJOLNIR Mark VI that gave him full body enhancements and state-of-the-art technological tools & energy shield protection perfect for combat. When finished, they came up with the alias of "Deus Ex Machina", which means "A person or event that provides a sudden and unexpected solution to a difficulty". John Brent was looking forward to being able to fight back against the crime epidemic, before realizing just how deep and horrifying the Salvation criminal underworld actually went.

[edit] PlotEdit

Deus Ex Machina is a action-drama series created in the world of Halo 3 and set in the same time period. In the last surviving city on earth known as Salvation City, a man named John Brent and his best friend Michael Jacobs build a high tech suit of armor. John dons the armor and assumes the identity "Deus Ex Machina" to keep crime in the city under control. However, he soon learns that genetic augmentation drugs are being spread throughout the city by a villain named Plague.

[edit] Episode 1 - "Pilot"Edit

After about two and a half weeks of dealing with petty crime Deus Ex Machina receives word of an armed robber who has a murderous monster of a companion. After two days with no leads on the spook story, a scared civilian gets Deus' attention. The scared man tells him the message may be for him, and runs off in fear. Deus Ex Machina goes inside the building the civilian ran from, and finds a civilian's dead body, with their head cut off and in their blood, a message written on the wall: "D.E.M. COME TO ISLAND PLAZA OR ANOTHER DIES". After Deus recovers from the horrific sight, he and Michael determine the Island Plaza refers to an abandoned island off the city shoreline.

[edit] Episode 2 - "Decapitator"Edit

When investigating the island laboratory, he is ambushed & captured by scientist Leonnard Phillips and forced to fight for his life against a monstrous foe called "The Decapitator," which is a lab experiment for a MJOLNIR suit Leonnard is developing. Fortunately, Michael follows John's trail and rescues him. Before Deus departs from the island with Michael, he traps Phillips inside his own laboratory with the Decapitator and leaves him to die.

[edit] Episode 3 - "Corrupt"Edit

It's Christmas in Salvation City. Whilst on a shopping errand for parts to repair a fault in his suit, John meets a homeless man outside the shopping mall. Only having a "twenty", John gives it to the man, who wishes him a Merry Christmas. Whilst heading for the bank to make a withdrawl to replenish the funds, John and Michael catch an interview between Mayoral Candidate Russell Simpson and Show Host Phillip O'Malley, debating about Deus Ex Machina and the morale of his actions. While Simpson continues to stand up for Deus Ex Machina's heroic actions, O'Malley goes to great lengths (even cutting Simpson's microphone off, muting his voice) to make him look like nothing more than a dangerous vigilante. John becomes irritated at O'Malley, for his debate was doing nothing more than scaring the public into relying on the Genetic Enhancement Augmentations (which are basically crippling or killing everyone due to the strict genetic code required for perfect enhancement of the body). Moving on, John meets the Homeless Man on the ground floor on his way to get some food. After an exchange of friendly words, the man gets shot right in front of John. Overcoming his paralyzing panic, and immediately realising he was the target, he spots the shooter on the second floor and pursues him, briefly diverting to activate his Deus Ex Machina Armour. Deus Ex Machina corners the assassin, but shoots himself before being apprehended. Deus Ex Machina flees the scene, seeing nothing that could be done.

During the Mayoral Election, it turns out the newly elected mayor, "Derek Owen" is really Plague. He overpowers and buries Deus Ex Machina alive in a casket under snow for four days.

[edit] Episode 4 - "The End"Edit

When he breaks out, he begins a quest for vengeance and kills most of Plague's men, but ultimately fails when he is shot in the head by Plague himself. Michael is afterwards taken captive by Plague's men and ordered to build him a new power suit stronger than John's. Fortunately, at the end credits, it shows that Deus Ex Machina is still alive but unconscious on a beach.

[edit] Episode 5 - "Execution"Edit

Salvation Rebels find John on a beach, and save his life. John eventually awakes, and learns that while he was out, Salvation City has become overrun with the augmentation drugs and is no longer safe under Derek Owen's place in office. John is desperate to go back and rescue Michael, but due to the bullet in his head, the right side of his body has not recovered functions, and the Rebels won't let him go until he's made a full recovery. Deus Ex Machina returns to Salvation City one month later, fully recovered and equipped with new armor enhancements, and restarts his quest to bring down Plague. The first person he encounters is a guard, which he quickly defeats, then Phil O'Malley. After Phil refuses to tell Deus where Michael is, Deus beats the information out of him, and then drowns him in a nearby river. Shortly after entering Plague's building, John encounters the Decapitator again, and kills him with a propane tank. He at last reaches the top of the building and has a final showdown against Plague. After a short game of cat and mouse, John finally kills Plague by throwing him off the roof of his building. After recovering Michael, Deus makes it his new mission to find the remnants of Plague's men and bring them to justice. The end credits show one of those men overlooking the area.

[edit] Episode 6 - "Parasite"Edit

At the beginning of episode 6, Deus accidentally shoots and kills a civilian's son while battling Behemoth (the man shown at the end of episode 5.) This sends John's reputation into a downward spiral, and he resorts to drinking to get rid of the pain. During this time, an alien parasite lands on Earth and bonds with one human after another, turning them into superpowered monsters. Deus Ex Machina eventually confronts the creature himself, only to end up getting infected by it as well, which turns his armor color from steel to blood red.

[edit] Episode 7 - "Symbiosis"Edit

Deus Ex Machina has become a cruel and merciless vigilante as a result of bonding with the parasite. He threatens to kill Michael should he try to remove it, despite Michael's warnings that its killing him. Deus tracks down Behemoth to a warehouse and attacks him, brutally beating him to a pulp. Just as he is about to deliver the killing blow, Michael appears (wearing a power suit of his own), and fights John to remove the parasite from him. After Behemoth escapes, angry civilians set fire to the warehouse while John and Michael are battling inside. John soon becomes engulfed in flames, which removes the parasite from his body, turning him back to normal. The parasite is killed by Michael, and John carries Michael to safety away from the burning building. In the aftermath, Deus Ex Machina sincerely apologizes to the civilian who's son he killed for what he did. Behemoth is later murdered by an unknown man who drains the genetic augmentation drugs from his body, while telling him that "Deus Ex Machina is mine and mine alone".

[edit] Episode 8 - "Doomsday (Part 1 of 2)"Edit

The episode opens with a flashback to John's university days and how he didn't care about his own future and possibly makes a very large mistake, by insulting Patrick Owen (son of soon to be villain Derek Owen). In present day Mayor Russell Simpson of Salvation City has reluctantly issued for Deus Ex Machina to be killed. Two UNSC combat officers are dispatched. They eventually find John and have him at gunpoint, but John makes a clever escape by telling them "your warthog is on fire" and turns invisible when their backs are turned. With the UNSC hunting him, the citizens out to get him, and is reputation ruined, John cannot take anymore and decides to abandon the Deus Ex Machina identity as well as Michael, knowing he would be in danger if he stayed with him.

Two weeks later the crime rate in the city has doubled but the city is happy to know Deus Ex Machina is gone. John is encountered by a man in an unknown armor permutation (Recon), who warns him that "Doomsday" is coming, reveals his knowledge of John's alias Deus Ex Machina, and that he should check on Michael.

John sprints to find Michael but finds a video instead reading "Play Me" on the screen. John does so and is horrified at what he sees next. The video footage shows the same man with Michael gagged. He explains that he pulled out all of his teeth and plucked out all of his nails. He then slowly beheads Michael right in front of the camera, making John vomit while he cries. The man also explains to John what Doomsday is on a citywide warning. The man is going to release a robot that will rampage through the city. 24 hours after, he will release a deadly biological virus that will kill all of the city's inhabitants. Salvation citizens begin to panic and scream, having no-one to help them and nowhere to escape. The laptop video continues, telling John that this is far from a joke, and revealing the robot he set loose, an exact green colored replica of Deus Ex Machina. He describes the virus he'll be releasing as having no antidote, and can kill within only minutes of exposure. He asks John if can he stop Doomsday. The video ends, starting the clock. The Episode ends, followed by a timer that begins counting down from 24 hours.

At the end credits, a brief clip showing the video of Michael's dead body is shown. What this indicates is unknown, but may be an indication that Michael might still be alive, however Jon has since disproven that theory, saying "Michael is dead and won't be coming back."

[edit] Episode 9 - "Doomsday (Part 2 of 2 Act One)"Edit

23 hours and 27 minutes to go: Deus Ex Machina slips into complete depression, visiting his friends' graves (victims of Salvation's crime outbreak). Meanwhile, Salvation City has ensued into chaos, as civilians panic and try to flee, but have no-where to get to safety.

Mayor Russell Simpson desperately calls Captain Griffiths, commander of the UNSC soldiers and Captain of the ship "The Pillar of Autumn II", for all UNSC combat personell to help counter the Doomsday attack. Captain Griffiths debates that they are on red alert of a Covenant assault, and sending all soldiers on board the only orbiting ship, there would be no defense to protect Salvation. But the Mayor states that evacuation is impossible as the rest of Earth is uninhabitable, Salvation is gridlocked, and if this threat is not neutralized, Cpt. Griffiths will not have a reason to be there as Salvation City is the only remaining city on Earth after glassing during the Human-Covenant war. Cpt. Griffiths agrees, but states he and his men cannot get to Salvation City any sooner than 12 hours. The Deus Ex Machina duplicate is released and makes it's way on foot towards Salvation.

10 hours and 45mins to go:Cpt. Griffiths and his men arrive at Salvation City, Griffiths meets up with Mayor Simpson and the soldiers ready themselves for the Deus Ex Machina duplicates attack.

On The Pillar of Autumn II in Earth's orbit, a Covenant boarding party sneaks onboard the ship. With no soldiers on board, the Covenant easily take control of the ship without raising the alarm. The Zealot orders the Covenant fleet that sneaked into the system to attack the Earth adding yet another to Salvation City's problems.

1 hour to go:Deus Ex Machina prepares to shoot himself, but as he is about to pull the trigger, an emergency news broadcast on the computer calls for Deus Ex Machina's help, as the Deus Ex Machina duplicate has begun it's attack, killing civilians and soldiers with no mercy and no signs of stopping. The episode ends with Brent contemplating suicide after raising a pistol to his head.

[edit] Episode 9 - "Doomsday (Part 2 of 2 Act Two)"Edit

The replica of Deus Ex Machina is running rampant in Salvation City. It destroys everything it sees and kills all opposition, citizens and UNSC soldiers alike. Suddenly, the real Deus Ex Machina arrives on a Mongoose ATV and tries to run over his robotic doppleganger, but to no avail. Deus gets knocked off his quad by the robot, who steals it and drives away. Deus quickly grabs another quad and chases it across the dessert outskirts of Salvation City. The chase ends when Deus jumps on his counterpart's quad and forces it to crash into an old abandoned warehouse.

After recovering from the crash, Deus begins searching for the robot across the premesis. Unfortunately, the robot manages to sneak attack him and causes a few wounds to his torso. After a short fist fight, Deus runs away to hide while his Doppelganger hunts him. Deus is able to sneak attack it and tackles the machine, sending them both falling off a bridge.

Just as Deus recovers from the fall, the replica grabs and throws him to the ground, then hops on it's Mongoose and speeds away. Deus Ex Machina quickly gets to his feet and gives chase, just as the timer hits the one minute mark.

[edit] Episode 9 - "Doomsday (Part 2 of 2 Act Three)"Edit

With only one minute left, Deus Ex Machina (with another Mongoose ATV) chases after his robotic duplicate. Deus drives off a high ledge and boards the duplicate's ATV, who the latter crashes. It runs off, while Deus Ex Machina continously shoots it with no damaging effect. As the timer hits twenty seconds, the Robot walks on top of the highest hill and prepares to release the virus. Despite his best efforts, Deus Ex Machina can do nothing else but prepare to die.

When the timer hits zero, the robot simply drops to the ground, then starts repetitively laughing. As Deus Ex Machina kneels by it's collapsed body completely mystified, Covenant Banshees fly over. As Deus remains dumbstruck, the Unidentified Terrorist comes up behind Deus, and whacks him out cold when he turns around.

Deus Ex Machina wakes up with the Terrorist right in front of him. John asks why, what did Salvation City or Michael ever do to him. He instead reveals his identity, Patrick Owen, stating the rest is self-explanatory (John had thrown an insult at him when Patrick bullied him about his father, Derek. He seems to blame John for the chain of events that lead beyond it, despite that it was by his own decisions). John asks why he would punish everyone but him. Patrick tells him that John would want that, to be put out of his pain & misery, so he killed Michael, just so he could see John hit rock bottom. John asks why punish the last survivors of humanity, why kill them with the virus. Patrick reveals the robot was a dud. Patrick revealed he had no possible means of obtaining a strain of the Ebola Virus. The robot's purpose was nothing more than a distraction to weaken Earth's defenses to let the Covenant simply land and wipe out Humanity once and for all.

Patrick explains what happened when he went Missing In Action 5 years ago, during their College years. He was captured by Covenant forces, then tortured, brainwashed and experimented on by them. The Covenant sent Patrick down to Earth to create a weak point in Earth's orbital defense, putting his robotic talent "to good use". But Patrick also explains that the Covenant wanted Humanity's blood on their hands, not his, which is why Patrick never made a weapon of mass destruction. John tells him he will be killed once his purpose has been fulfilled, but Patrick doesn't seem afraid.

Patrick says his cold-hearted farewell, then shoots him in the thigh and throws him down the hole behind him. John screams in distraught and pain. When he comes to his senses, he realizes he's been imprisoned in an all too familiar environment. Then, an infected Elite almost twinning the Decapitator reveals itself. John is not intimidated by it, but then another one approaches him. They both charge, and Deus Ex Machina begins the fight for his life.

[edit] Episode 9 - "Doomsday (Part 2 of 2 Act Four)"Edit

The two Decapitators charge at Deus Ex Machina. Unable to fight both of them off, he is forced to run. Meanwhile, Cpt. Griffiths and the rest of the UNSC Armed Forces form a line of defense around the perimeter of Salvation City waiting for the invading Covenant Fleet to arrive. They also find and secure the Robotic Duplicate and dispatch a refusal and HAZMAT team to defuse it's biological weapon (that they don't yet realise it never carried). A sniper on reconnaissance reports the Covenant outnumber them three to one, and are closing in. Griffiths and his soldiers prepare for their final stand. The Covenant launch vehicles and Special Operations units to assault the Human defenders, while Patrick stands on the cliff, to watch the last of Humanity be slaughtered.

In the cave, John finds a Warthog and uses it to block a passageway, buying him some time to escape. He then finds the same service elevator that Michael used to get him out before. Unfortunately, the upper level is blocked off and Deus has no way of escaping. With no escape, no means to fight back, no more options, John draws his sidearm to shoot himself. Outside, the UNSC continue their losing battle against the Covenant.

While John continues to bring himself to pull the trigger, the Decapitators eventually break into the room. John sobs in absolute fear as they close in on him. When he finally brings himself to take his own life, the Decapitators stop and stare at him. Dumbfounded, John then looks over and sees two conatiners of chemical vials nearby, and suddenly remembers the pheromone Leonard Phillips had created to control the first Decapitator. John walks over and takes a vial of it, realizing the control he now possesses, and commands the Decapitators to find a way out for him. The Decapitators break out of the tunnels and charge ahead, eager for battle while John follows his new subordinates, amazed at this miracle, to save the last of Humanity from the Covenant and Patrick Owen.

[edit] Episode 9 Act 5 Part 1 (Metaridleyfan1) (1/6)Edit

Although it has not been released by Digitalph33r, another machinima director called metaridleyfan1 has made his "own" act 5 of Deus Ex Machina. Metaridleyfan1 states that he is a big fan of the series and couldn't wait any longer, so he has made his own version of act 5 and also states that he does still believe that Digitalph33r will release act 5, but not for a while.

Metaridleyfan1's Deus Ex Machina Act 5 can be viewed here -

A Trailer of it can be viewed here -

Metaridleyfan1's Act 5 Summary:

Jon Brent (Deus Ex Machina) and his fellow decapitator's have escaped from Patrick's trap and are on their way to asset the UNSC against the massive covenant attack. In Valhalla, the UNSC prepare for attack and are getting ready. On the other side of Valhalla, the covenant are also getting ready for the war. Just seconds before the battle begins, Patrick begins to walk away from the battle scene. The commander of the covenant attack on Valhalla turns around and asked "Were are you going?" Patrick replies, "To see someone." He then leaves. The commander then turns around and starts to walk into battle. The covenant then march to fight the UNSC. When they meet contact, a huge battle breaks loose and chaos is every were. Around half way into the fight Jon and the decapitator's arrive and assets the UNSC against the covenant. The video ends were it shows Jon skyjacking a covenant banshee and flies it into the screen and "To Be Continued" is shown.

Metaridleyfan1 states that "There is so much that I can put in here and so many places to start."

As of this he states that this is just part 1 of 6. Seeing how positive part 1 got, it's only 100% sure that the other parts will do the same. Metaridleyfan1 also states that he does not have the famous Recon armor. To why he says that he will try to get it on Bungie day of 2009. If he gets it, he will use it in the series, but if he doesn't, he'll use something else.

To find out more about Metaridleyfan1 click here for his youtube channel -

[edit] Episode 9 Act 5 Part 2 (Metaridleyfan1) (2/6)Edit

The first scene takes place in Mayor Simpson's office. Patrick then walks in on him, sporting non-recon armor because(he claims) that his augmentations required it. He then shows the mayor's wife, Rachel, in a different part of the building surrounded by explosives, and then show him two generators with buttons to either kill his wife, and Patrick will call off the Covenant invasion, or the mayor can kill himself and save his wife, but the Covenant invasion will continue. If the timer on them runs out, they will both die, as will be the case if the mayor tries to leave the room. Patrick then leaves. The mayor swears at him while crying at same the time. Back at the battle, the UNSC and Covenant continue an apparantly stalemated battle. Deus Ex Machina entered the UNSC base and meets with Captain Griffis, explaining that he got there by the waterfall. Another UNSC soldier asks, "John Brent?!" Confused, John asks him how he knew his name, and the response was a punch in the face. Griffis asks the soldier, "What are you doing!?" and is shot by the soldier with a sniper rifle. He then throws John outside. After a brief exchange of words, the soldier changes his armor and reveals himself to be none other than Derek Owen, or Plague.

[edit] Episode 9 Act 5 Part 3 (Metaridleyfan1) (3/6)Edit

Picking off where part 2 left off, Plague quickly runs at Jon and punches him. In the next scene, Patrick arrives at the central command of the covenant. Patrick confronts the commander in hopes to kill him and take control. Before he attempts to do so, he is interrupted by the commander. He states that the covenant have no more use for him. (Patrick) He orders his guards to execute Patrick immediately. Patrick then simultaneously turns both guards into decapitator's. After a few brief of words, the commander's own guard kill him and Patrick now has control. The scene switches over to the mayor and he is still thinking on to either sacrifice himself or kill his wife. The battle on Valhalla continues. Plague batters Deus with flash backs of his defeating Plague and claiming to clean up the city. After taking a few hits, Deus and Plague engage in a fierce sword battle with Jon emerging victorious. Plague then asks Jon if he would like to make a truce for now and help him take Patrick down. Deus is shocked by this but realizes that he has no choice and could use someone powerful to help him out. In doing so, they team up. In another part of the UNSC base, Captain Griffis fully recovered. Another UNSC soldier walks in to inform Griffis that they have detected large covenant activity, very large. Up in the sky, Plague and Jon are in a hornet. They suddenly hear a very loud noice. Down below Patrick is waiting and unleashes many decapitators as well as a scarab.

[edit] Episode 9 Act 5 Part 4 (Metaridleyfan1) (4/6)Edit

Picking up right where part 3 left off, the scarab attacks Deus and Plague and Jon is flung off the hornet and fall below. Suddenly a decapitator jumps up onto the hornet and knocks Plague out of the passenger seat. Deus is about to hit the gtound but manages to hijack a ghost in mid flight. He uses that as his landing. Plague lands on the ground but is quickly picked up by Deus. They retreat to some nearby banshee's. Patrick and some decapitators chase after them. Plague and Jon get into the banshee's and fly off. Patrick and one decapitator get into banshee's and chase after them. Now in the air Plague, Jon, Patrick and a decapiator zoom up the tall building in valhalla. Plague bails out of his banshee and lands on the decapiator's one. He skijacks him and uses that banshee to shoot Patrick from behind. Patrick then commands the scarab to shoot Plague down. The scarab does so and Plague plummits to the ground. Before he hits it though he quick manages to getb back to he former banshee that he bailed out seconds ago. With that Plague escapes death and stuns the scarab. Griffis walk out of the base and orders his men to shoot the scarab with everything they got. The remaining men of his shoot many rockets at the scarab thus causing it's demise. Deus and Plague retreat to the sky and Patrick follows and Griffis and his remaining men charge the remaining covenant. On sandtrap, Patrick is chasing Jon and Plague in a cat and mouse game. After much shooting Patrick destroys Jon's banshee. Jon then latches onto Plague cause him to crash his banshee. They quickly get up and start running. Patrick and many decapiator's follow. Deus and Plague then retreat underground. After some looking they surprisingly find Mike. (Michael Jacobs) After a soft conversation Deus, Plague and Mike make their way to the mayor's office to see if he can help them take Patrick down. And in case of back up, Mike calls som Spartan II's just in case they need it. At the office, the mayor finally decides to sacrafice himself to save his wife. He is 100% confinate that the UNSC with save his wife from all of this and the fact that he can't have his wife death on his conchence at this state. After he activates his demise he is suprised to still be alive. He then learns that no matter what choce he makes, they are going to die. Which means that Patrick lied to him. Seconds before the mayor's office blows up Deus, Plague and Mike break in. Deus relizes what is about to happen and quickly drag the mayor out of the building. The mayor then gets back up to see if he can save his wife but as he about to run the build bows up and is engolfed in flames. The mayor then leans down in deep depression nd Deus, Plague and Mike watch. Suddenly a blade pierces through the Mayor's chest. Deus and Plague raise their guns and the person is revealed to be Patrick. He talks to the Mayor saying that no matter what he did, she was going to die. He then viciously taunts his wife and then forcefully yanks the balde out of him, killing him. Patrick then makes his way back tohis banshee and Deus, Plague and Mike continue to chase him.

[edit] Episode 9 Act 5 Part 5 (Metaridleyfan1) (5/6)Edit

[edit] Episode 9 Act 5 Part 6 (Metaridleyfan1) (6/6)Edit

[edit] Episode 9 - "Doomsday (Part 2 of 2 Act Five)" (GuitarmasterX7)Edit

Realeased August 26th, 2009, GuitarmasterX7 made his own ending to the popular Deus Ex Machina series, but in his own special way. It shows Jon escaping from the Decapitator's lair, but still being pursued by both Decapitators. He realizes the pheromone must have worn out. After a bit of what is assumed to be masturbating, he says, "There. All better, right?" At that moment they lunge with their swords. Jon asks, "What do you want with me?!" They respond by pulling out a little black and pink blouse. They then proceed to take turns anally raping Dues, and after awhile, they both stick their penis' inside of Deus, and procede to rape him at the same time. Patrick Owen appears soon afterwards, and John tries to kill him, but Patrick says that his coccyx is completely destroyed, making it safe for him (Patrick) to take off his armour. He does, first appearing to be Michael, then revealing him to be Spidermin. Spidermin proceeds to complain how John imitated Spider-Man 3. He then admits how all the villains he fought were actually him, using a pitch changer in his helmet mic. The Decapitator's then ask to take off the suits, revealing them to be the civilian victims, the homeless guy who was shot in the head by a sniper rifle, and the one who was shot by DEM. Spidermin then reveals that this whole series of events was a elaborate plot for the civilians to rectally violate Jon and so that he could gently touch his scrotum to his tonsils. Spidermin then whacks Dues, and leaps onto the table where Dues is lying, and teabags him, by sticking his scrotum into Deus mouth. Spidermin begins laughing and near the end whispers "Oooooh; Boner." The episode ends, with a quote from GuitarmasterX7, "I had absolutely nothing to do with this at all, so don't thow a bitch, k?" A disclaimer then appears: "Rape is a serious problem and not at all funny. So don't fucking rape or be raped. It's not cool." Finally, during the credits, he advertises Master Chief: War.

[edit] CharactersEdit

[edit] Main CharactersEdit

[edit] John Brent/Deus Ex MachinaEdit

[3][4]Deus Ex MachinaFirst Appearance: Episode 1 - "Pilot"

The main character of Deus Ex Machina.

John Brent and Michael seemingly lived as best friends all their lives. When the crime in the city they lived in began to grow out of control, Michael put his technological genius to good use and constructed a powerful suit of armor for John to use to bring the crime under control. John assumed the identity "Deus Ex Machina", and became an infamous superhero to defend Salvation City. He fought dangerous foes, such as the monstrous Decapitator, and defeated them all.

Deus Ex Machina met his first defeat at the hands of Derek Owen, aka. Plague, the kingpin of crime in Salvation City. He was shot in the head at the end of their first battle and thrown off a high ledge hundreds of feet off the ground. Fortunately, John was found and nursed back to health by civilians who fled the city when Plague took it over. They increased Deus' power by equipping his suit with new armor enhancements. Deus Ex Machina returned to the city one month later and defeated Plague, but was left to deal with the remnants of Plague's henchmen.

A while later, during a firefight against the rogue Behemoth, Deus accidentally shot and killed a citizen's son. This nearly destroyed his reputation and he became wanted dead by the people of the city he spent so long protecting. The final blow was struck when he became infected by an alien parasite that transformed him from a caring hero into a cruel and merciless vigilante. He went on a rampage that threatened Salvation City, so Michael, unable to negociate with an intoxicated John, fought him to remove the parasite. John nearly killed him, but was freed from the parasite and managed to overcome the euphoria before he could do so. In the aftermath, Deus Ex Machina was issued a fugitive by the mayor of Salvation City and hunted by the UNSC. This lead Deus Ex Machina, guilt wridden and depressed, to abandon his role as Deus Ex Machina, and Michael, in the hopes of keeping Michael out of danger.

[edit] Michael JacobsEdit

[5][6]Michael with his computer.First Appearance: Episode 1 - "Pilot"

John Brent's best friend. He appears to have incredible technological engineering skill, so much that even Derek Owen (who captured Michael) complimented his work. Michael and John were known to be best friends since their college years, maybe even since childhood. Michael was the one who designed and built John's power suit. He monitors Deus Ex Machina, providing surveillance and field intel. But despite the fact he doesn't operate out in the field, he gets into as much danger as Deus Ex Machina. When John was captured by Leonard Phillips at the Island Plaza, Michael was forced to save him on his own. Arriving at the plaza, he snuck into the laboratory, knocked out Phillips and then activated an elevator that allowed Deus Ex Machina to escape death from the clutches of the Decapitator.

After John was buried alive by Plague's men, Michael was captured and ordered by Plague himself to construct an even more powerful suit for him to use. In return, John would receive food and water (a false promise), and would both be freed when the project was finished. When Peter Rowling was about to pour concrete down John's airpipe and kill him, John escaped and raced to rescue Michael. After John's violent break in, just as he managed to find Michael, Owen revealed his armor features of Plague, and punched John right through the wall of the warehouse. Plague and O'Malley dragged John to his place of execution, Michael held at gunpoint. Plague offered John one last chance to join him, but John made his choice and refused. Plague had O'Malley take Michael away, then shot Deus Ex Machina. One month later, Michael became silent and barely spoke, but continued to refuse to build Owen a suit, and each time was subject to brutal torture by Behemoth. When John killed Plague, he arrived at Michael's cell and helped him walk out of Owen's building. A week after the ordeal, he had recovered emotionally and physically from the experience.

When Deus Ex Machina was pursuing Behemoth, he accidentally killed a man's son, despite Michael's warnings to not fire his gun. Michael let John stay at his place to cope with what he had done, but John instead became a heavy drinker. Michael wanted him to stop, which led to a brutal argument between him and John, and ended with John storming off. When John became intoxicated by the alien parasite, Michael fought him to save him from it, but was nearly killed. After John got caught on fire and the parasite jumped off him, Michael shot and killed the creature.

After John became an assassination target, John couldn't cope with everyone wanting him dead, and the guilt of the accidental killing of the young boy. He chose to abandon his role as Deus Ex Machina, afraid the role itself would kill him. He also chose to leave Michael and told him not to contact or trace him, afraid Michael would also become victim to the Deus Ex Machina manhunt. He was later captured, tortured and murdered by a unknown figure (later revealed to be Patrick Owen, Derek Owen's son) who slowly decapitated him, and recorded the event on video to show it to John Brent as part of his video message commencing "The Doomsday".

[edit] Derek Owen/PlagueEdit

[7][8]Plague / Derek Owen.First Appearance: Episode 3 - "Corrupt"

The main villain for the first half of the series, Plague is responsible for the spread of genetic augmentation drugs throughout Salvation City. His main goal was to take over Salvation City.

Five years previous to Deus Ex Machina, during John Brent's university days, Derek Owen had served in the Armed Forces in the Human-Covenant War. He was discharged after he became mentally unfit for duty after surviving a battle against the Covenant. Patrick Owen, his son, dropped out of university and joined the Armed Forces too, after John insulted his father. On the second week, Patrick disappeared. Two days after Patrick was announced MIA (Missing In Action), Derek apparently had a psychological breakdown after hearing the news and disappeared too.

During the Mayoral Election, back to present day, Derek Owen hired an assassin to take out John, but hit a homeless man instead, and shot himself after Deus cornered him. After the failed hit, Derek requested a secret meeting with Deus Ex Machina. There, he revealed his identity as Plague as well as his knowledge of Deus' actual identity, John Brent. Plague requested that John join him and rule Salvation City by his side. When he refused, Plague had is assistant Phil O'Malley knock him out with an electromagnetic pulse, and then buried him alive. Plague then kidnapped Michael and ordered him to build a MJOLNIR suit more powerful than John's in exchange for John's survival (which was a false promise).

Four days later, Deus Ex Machina broke free from his grave and set out to kill Plague for revenge. He defeated a few of Plague's men, and even ran Plague over with a Jeep. Unfortunately, just when Deus was about to rescue Michael, Plague emerged from the rubble in a more powerful form and defeated Deus with one, powerful punch. He asked John one more time to join him, and when he refused again, he shot Deus in the head and let him fall of an extremely high ledge.

One month later, Plague had conquered Salvation City. He ordered one of his assistant's (later identified as Behemoth) to torture Michael to force him to build his new power suit. However, Deus Ex Machina didn't die, and returned to Salvation City more powerful than ever thanks to new armor enhancements made by Salvation Rebel technicians. Plague sent all of his available henchmen, and even the Decapitator, after Deus, all of which were killed. Deus confronted Plague at the top of his building. After a short game of cat and mouse, Deus Ex Machina blinded Plague, battered him, and then threw him off the roof of his building, where he plummeted to his death. However, in Metaridleyfan1's version of the final act of the series, he has actually somehow survived the fall and more suprisingly offers a truce between him and Deus to take down Patrick together, the latter being a threat to both.

[edit] Patrick OwenEdit

First Appearance: Episode 8 - "Doomsday (Part 1 of 2)"

The son of Derek Owen. He studied Robotics at the University College of Salvation City (UCSC), the same University that John Brent and Michael Jacobs attended. He picked on John Brent for not performing well on his courses. After John had a meeting with Mr. Dennison, Patrick began to pick on him again. Unable to take it, John insulted him by referring to his "Basket-case for a father". Patrick took it extremely heavily. 2 weeks after the incident, John and Michael found out from a fellow student that he dropped out about a week previously and joined the Armed Forces, went MIA (Missing In Action) 2 days ago along with his father, Derek Owen, who heard about Patrick and apparently had a psychological breakdown. John and Michael stood speechless in disbelief at the possibility that John's single insult could have led to these events.

The reason he went MIA was that he was captured by Covenant forces. They tortured him, experimented on him and brainwashed him in his time of capture. Then, they sent him back down to Earth to create a weak point in Earth's orbital defense. Patrick saw this as a perfect opportunity to put his gift at robotics "to good use". As he held John responsible for the chain of events that followed (despite that it was all down to Patrick's personal choices), he also took the opportunity for revenge.

Patrick built a robot, duplicating the appearance (apart from color), characteristics and physical power of Deus Ex Machina to perform his task the Covenant assigned him for. He had reunited with his father, Derek, but how Patrick was involved with Derek Owen is unknown, but it seems that Patrick had nothing to do with his father's drug running or plans for becoming Mayor. This is the most likely reason Patrick found John Brent, now better known as Salvation Hero turned fugitive, Deus Ex Machina.

Discovering John Brent would become involved in the opposition of his plans of terrorism, Patrick Owen planned his revenge within his task. After Deus Ex Machina killed his father and freed Salvation from his corrupt regime, Patrick began the launch of his operation. As a rogue Behemoth was also hunting down Deus Ex Machina, despite that Patrick told Behemoth to leave Deus to him, Patrick killed him.

After John Brent gave up being Deus Ex Machina and abandoning Michael, Patrick kidnapped Michael, and recorded his beheading on video. He then uploaded the video to Michael's computer, and programmed it to trigger his Emergency Broadcast Message, the 24 hour countdown, and the deployment of the Robot. Patrick then located a lonely and depressed John, and scared him back to Michael's house. John watched the video, to his horror, and Doomsday began.

After the 24 hours, Patrick captured John Brent. He revealed his identity, explained what happened to him when he went MIA and his purpose back on Earth to John. Patrick then shot him in the leg, then threw him down into a underground tunnel resembling the Decapitator's home, and left John to die at the hands of the two Elites.

As the Covenant launched their assault on the last of Mankind, Patrick simply stood on a cliff to watch the ensuing slaughter.

[edit] The Deus Ex Machina Robotic Duplicate or "Mecha-Deus"Edit

First Appearance: Episode 8 - "Doomsday (Part 1 of 2)" A robotic duplicate of Deus Ex Machina (except the armor is colored green) built by Patrick Owen.

The Deus Ex Machina duplicate or "Mecha-Deus" was a weapon of mass destruction used for Patrick Owen's terrorist attack on Salvation City.

[edit] Major CharactersEdit

[edit] Phillip O'MalleyEdit

First Appearance: Episode 3 - "Corrupt"

Derek Owen's personal assistant or "right-hand man" and the host of a talk show, "The Phil O'Malley Show". He spread bad word about Deus Ex Machina via his talk show, even to the point of cutting off Mayor Candidate Russell Simpson when he argued against him (Probably to scare civilians into take the Augmentation Drugs he and Derek Owen were distributing). When John Brent refused to join Plague in conquering Salvation City, Phil fired an electromagnetic pulse and subdued John, whilst Owen ripped out his communicator. When Deus Ex Machina escaped from his steel coffin, he assaulted the warehouse Owen and O'Malley were in. Derek was run over, but O'Malley acquired a rocket launcher. Deus managed to subdue him after shooting him in the arm and punching him to the floor. Deus asked him for Michael's location, but he spat at him. He gave in after Deus Ex Machina shot him again in the leg, and Deus knocked him out. When Deus was prepared for execution, O'Malley imprisoned Michael.

One month after Plague took over the city, Phil became a guard at his building. When he attempted to contact another guard and received no response, he went to check out the problem. When he arrived, he found the guard unconscious with Deus Ex Machina standing over his body. Phil tried to use another EMP blast on him, but Deus was unaffected thanks to some new armor enhancements he was equipped with.

Realizing this, Phil attempted to contact Plague and inform him that Deus Ex Machina was still alive, but Deus punched him and broke his nose. Deus then demanded to know where Michael was being kept. Phil refused to tell him, forcing Deus to beat the information out of him. After Phil gave in and told him Michael's location, Deus drowned him in a nearby river.

His character itself is a reference / pun to Bill O'Reilly, host of the Fox News Hour, were as Phil is the host of the 'Box News Hour'. Many fans take the choice of last name to pun O'Reilly as a slight reference to O'Malley from the Red VS Blue series.

[edit] Christopher Armstrong/BehemothEdit

First Appearance: Episode 5 - "Execution" [9][10]Behemoth, one of Owen's toughest and most loyal menOne of Plague's most powerful men, only rivaled by the Elite Warrior, "The Decapitator". Not much is known about Behemoth, only that he served Derek Owen loyally, and that he lost his voice in a battle with Deus Ex Machina.

Midway through the series, Plague took over Salvation City and captured Michael, John Brent's best friend. Behemoth was ordered by Plague to torture Michael in an effort to make him build a power suit for Plague, which continued on for the following month. When Plague was killed by Deus Ex Machina, Behemoth went rogue and set out to kill Deus.

Behemoth later attempted to snipe John Brent, but John noticed him and managed to avoid the shot. As Behemoth fled the scene, Deus Ex Machina attempted to shoot him from behind, but a civilian's son got in the line of fire and took the bullet instead, giving Behemoth more time to escape.

A while later, Behemoth was hunting Deus Ex Machina inside a large warehouse. However, it turned out that the hunter was also the hunted. Deus confronted him with his power augmented by an alien parasite, and the two had a short battle which Behemoth lost. Just as Deus Ex Machina was about to kill him, Michael stepped in and fought John to save him from the parasite. As the two friends battled, Behemoth escaped yet again.

This escape was however short lived. While continuing the hunt for Deus Ex Machina, Behemoth was confronted by an unknown figure (Later revealed to be Patrick Owen). The unidentified figure told him "I thought I told you to leave him to me. Deus Ex Machina is mine and mine alone", then painfully drained the genetic augmentation drugs from his body, as well as a large amount of blood, which killed him.

[edit] Leonard PhillipsEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 2 - "Decapitator"

Leonard Phillips is a psychotic, murderous scientist who operated on an Island Plaza off the Salvation City shoreline. He had been trying to get funding and a test subject for development of a MJOLNIR Armor design he created, but never succeeded, until he saw a Covenant Banshee fall from the Earth's Atmosphere. Phillips found the crash site and took the critically injured Sangheili (Elite) back to his lab for medical treatment. Phillips managed to save his life, and to heal his leg paralysis, gave him multiple types of the SPARTAN Project Genetic Augmentation Catalysts. He had used so many that he couldn't remember all of the names of the Catalysts he gave him.

Seeing the opportunity, Phillips gave the Elite a home in the underground tunnels of his laboratory, and made him a test subject for the new armor he wanted to develop. Phillips finally succeeded in getting funding from Derek Owen, aka Plague, who wanted a new MJOLNIR Armor for his own purposes. Phillips began to rob Salvation City banks, using the Elite as his assistant, killing innocent people in some of the robberies. The Elite had a preference of decapitating his victims, which gave him his name by Phillips of "The Decapitator". Phillips made a pheromone to prevent the Decapitator attacking him, phus taming him, like a pet. When Deus Ex Machina began fighting city crime, Phillips set the Decapitator loose on an innocent civilian, and he then wrote on the wall with the victim's blood "D.E.M. COME TO ISLAND PLAZA OR ANOTHER DIES". Deus Ex Machina complied, then Phillips surprised him, knocked him unconscious, and left him down in the Decapitator's home to die.

Phillips told Deus Ex Machina about the Decapitator, who at the time was sleeping, and told him the only way to escape was a service elevator into the tunnels that he controlled. Phillips then left the speakers and ignored John's cries for help. While Deus Ex Machina fought for his life, Phillips listened to opera music, chuckling as he heard the screams & gunfire. Unfortunately for him, Michael snuck in, knocked him unconscious, and then sent down the service elevator to get John out. As they both got outside, the Decapitator escaped from his captivity. John and Michael escaped from the laboratory, sealing the gate behind them. Phillips chases after them, shooting at them, but is left behind. He begged and cried for mercy, explaining he doesn't have his pheromone he uses to control the Decapitator prepared, and there's nothing preventing him from killing him. But Deus Ex Machina leaves him at the mercy of the Decapitator, who charges at him and beheads him.

[edit] "The Decapitator"Edit

First Appearance: Episode 2 - "Decapitator"

The first villain Deus Ex Machina fought. An Elite Warrior who crashed landed on Earth. Lennard Phillips saved him from his injuries, and healed his leg paralysis by overdosing him with countless types of the SPARTAN Project Genetic Augmentation drugs, giving him countless enhancements, basically turning him into a walking battle tank. He was infected with what Phillips guessed was a Flood infection, but in truth was the same alien parasite that infected John Brent later on in the series.

Phillips gave him a home in the underground tunnels of his research facility, and the nickname "The Decapitator", due to the fact he killed his victims by severing off their heads with his Energy Sword. He was the subject of Phillips MJOLNIR Armor project, who wore a prototype Phillips was developing. Using the pheromone Phillips created, he had the Decapitator assist him in his armed robberies.

When Phillips captured Deus Ex Machina, he dumped him in the Decapitator's lair, waiting for the Decapitator to kill him. After Michael rescued John from the tunnels, the Decapitator escaped from his lair. John and Michael escaped from the lab, sealing the laboratory, trapping Phillips and the Decapitator inside it. Phillips hadn't had his pheromone prepared, so the Decapitator severed his head off.

When Deus Ex Machina entered Mayor Derek Owen's base of operations, Derek trapped him, and revealed he had the Decapitator, and let him loose to kill Deus Ex Machina. After an intense battle, the Decapitator had him trapped and moved in for the kill. John saw a propane tank amongst the wreckage and shot it. It launched itself and killed the Decapitator on direct impact, narrowly missing John.

[edit] Mayor Russell SimpsonEdit

First Appearance: Episode 3 - "Corrupt"

Mayor Russell Simpson was Derek Owen's opposition in the Mayoral Election. He supports Deus Ex Machina and what he has done for the people of Salvation City. He expressed that while on the Phil O'Malley Show, but O'Malley cut off his microphone, denying him his right to speak. Derek Owen won the election.

After Owen's death, Simpson became Mayor by default. After Deus Ex Machina had become possessed by the alien parasite (which had also consumed the Decapitator) he began a crime spree. Mayor Simpson, reluctant to bring down Deus Ex Machina had no choice but to call the UNSC for assistance to take him down to protect the people of Salvation City. The UNSC sent down two combat officers to execute Deus Ex Machina.

[edit] Minor CharactersEdit

[edit] Peter RowlingEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 4 - "The End"

Another one of Derek Owen's men, and also Deus Ex Machina's first kill. He was tasked with spying on John and Michael, and passing on all intel acquired, using Active Camouflage to avoid being detected.

Peter assisted in guarding Michael after they buried John and captured Michael.

When Peter found out about the Temporary Invulnerability Shield Power the Deus Ex Machina suit possessed, he told Owen of his concern that John could use that ability to shield himself, and detonate a grenade to blow himself out of the steal coffin he had been buried in for 4 days, implying that Deus Ex Machina may be still carrying weaponry, including grenades. Owen didn't think much of it, as he thought that John's thoughts were clouded by thirst and hunger, and he wouldn't be brave enough to do such a thing. But he decided to send Peter to fill John's coffin with concrete and kill him.

Peter headed back out to the snowy plains and offered John his last words. Just after, he heard a ping down the air pipe, then a massive bang down bellow the surface. Knowing what just happened, he ran for his pistol on his Mongoose ATV, but John quickly dug himself out of the loosened ground and knocked him over. After a fierce fist-fight, involving John taking a bullet to the leg, John gets the gun and shot Peter. Unable to fight, Peter taunts him continuously. John shoots him again, but Peter continues on. Then John shoots him in the throat. While Peter chokes on his blood, John reloaded the gun, and finally executed him. After getting over the emotional pain of killing a person, John took the Mongoose and drove off in search of Michael.

[edit] Rebel SoldierEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 5 - "Execution"

One of the rebel soldiers who had found Deus Ex Machina after he was shot in the head. When Deus Ex Machina woke up from the injury, the soldier explains that Deus is in a rebel outpost on the outskirts of Salvation, that the city has become a hell-hole and no-one but those at the outpost see Derek Owen for the corrupt mayor he really is, no matter how obvious. Deus is desperate to go back, but the soldier won't let him go due to Deus' condition and the weakness in the right side of his body. But he helps Deus Ex Machina recover from his handicap by giving him combat training. A Rebel technician gives Deus an improvement to his suit that allows him to resist O'Malley electric current that subdued him before. After a month, Deus makes a complete recovery, and with his suit update, Deus sets off to end Owen's corrupt regime.

It is not known what the Rebels have done since Owen's death, whether they continue to reside in the city outskirts or moved back into the city.

[edit] Dead Son's FatherEdit

First Appearance: Episode 6 - "Parasite"

A civilian who's son was killed by Deus Ex Machina when caught in the crossfire of a firefight between him and Behemoth.

After Deus Ex Machina fell victim to the Alien Parasite, he confronted the man at his son's grave. The man disgraced his appearance, but Deus told him to his horror how maybe his son's death was for the better, how he, like the rest of the population were ungrateful for everything he had done for them, and after one mistake, they jump to conclusions and thirst for his blood. Deus prepares to execute him, but his conscience gets a hold of his uncontrollable behavior, and stops himself. He spares the man, threatening that if he pushes him, "I will kill you. And bury you next to your son."

After Michael helped John dispose of the Parasite, he found the man, still mourning at his son's grave. The man is sickened to see him, but John explains that he wasn't himself, and apologizes for what he did to him, and his son. The man watches Deus leave, and turns back to his son's grave.

He has not appeared since.

[edit] UNSCDF Captain GriffithsEdit

First Appearance: Episode 9 - "Doomsday (Part 2 of 2 Act One)"

Captain Griffiths is the leader of the UNSC Defense Forces, and Captain of the ship, The Pillar of Autumn II. Mayor Simpson called for his assistance after The Unknown Terrorist announced his Doomsday Attack. Griffiths was reluctant to send down the entire armed forces onboard his ship in orbit as they had intel the Covenant were launching an attack on the remnants of Earth. Mayor Simpson argued that if they didn't get down to Earth, the last people of the Human Race will be wiped out. Griffiths agreed, but were not able to arrive any quicker than 12 hours.

13 hours later, he and all of his soldiers arrived in Salvation City, standing by for the terrorist threat.

One hour before the virus would be released, the Deus Ex Machina duplicate arrived in Salvation, and began it's massacre, killing every civilian and soldier in sight.

It can be assumed at this time, Captain Griffiths is at a mobile command post leading his troops and trying to get all civilians possible to safety.

[edit] Alien ParasiteEdit

First Appearance: Episode 6 - "Parasite"

A strange creature, the parasite had a major role in the second half of the series. Every time it infects a host, it releases spores that cover the host's body in a blood red skin, and injects what is believed to be some kind of neurotoxin, giving the infected a feeling of euphoria (altering their personality, in most cases, evil), making the host not want to remove it. It is not known how or if even the parasites feeds or what it feeds off, but it stays on a host until the parasite eventually kills them.

It is believed that another of the same race of alien parasites also infected the Decapitator (Phillips believed it a Flood infection).

Sometime in the series, the Parasite infected an Elite warrior and caused his ship to crashland in the desert outskirts of Salvation City. When a civilian and his friends were exploring the area, they saw the crashsite of the Covenant ship. The man left his friends to go check it out, and came across the infected corpse of the Elite. When his back was turned, the parasite jumped off the Elite and infected the man. The parasite forced the man to kill his friends without mercy.

A few weeks later, the infected man was encountered by a couple of citizens driving a Jeep. It appeared that the parasite didn't have full control over the man, because he painfully begged that the people help him. Despite this, he flipped the Jeep over. Deus Ex Machina stepped in and allowed them to get to safety. The man once again pleaded for a confused Deus to help him, but to no avail. After sensing that Deus Ex Machina would prove to be a more suitable host, the parasite killed the civilian, abandoned him and infected Deus.

A short time after that, the parasite forced Deus to rampage through the city, terrifying or even hurting innocent people. Deus returned to Michael's home. After Michael has assessed what happened to him, he told John he had to let him remove it, but John threatened that he would kill him if he tried. After nearly killing Behemoth, Deus was confronted by Michael, who attacked him to free him from the Parasite's control. As they battled, civilian's set fire to the warehouse they were fighting in. As he was just about to kill Michael, one of their torches landed on Deus and engulfed him in flames. The intense heat and pain forced the parasite to abandon Deus. Michael noticed the parasite moving across the floor and shot and killed it.

[edit] Richard NewfellEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 6 - "Parasite"

A civilian who fell victim to the Parasite that crashed out in the restricted desert, that also infected Deus Ex Machina. He drove two of his friends out into the restricted desert area outside of Salvation City. After witnessing a Covenant Banshee crash landing, he suggests they go take a look and see if any UNSCDF (United Nations Space Command Defense Force) personell need help, despite the front passenger's bad feeling.

Richard took a pistol and went into the cave the Banshee crashed into, alone as the other two were too frightened to go in with him. He finds the crash site, with a Sangheili (Elite) body covered in red. As he makes for outside, the Parasite that covered the Elite left the body and attached itself to Rickard. Richard walks casually out of the cave, confusing his worried friends. He then suddenly, unprovoked, attacks his friends, kills them, and takes the car.

After the accidental shooting of the citizen's son by Deus Ex Machina, he reappears where a drunk and depressed Deus Ex Machina happens to also be. After an attack on civilians in a car, Deus Ex Machina tells the unharmed victims to run and he approaches the infected individual. Richard begs for help, saying "It's killing me". Deus was confused, but before he gets an answer to his question, Richard goes into agonizing pain, crawls away and dies. The Parasite left his dead body, and infected Deus Ex Machina.

[edit] Homeless ManEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 3 - "Corrupt""

A homeless man that made a small appearance, he was begging for food on Christmas Eve in the Salvation City Shopping Center. He saw John Brent walking past and the man asked him if he could spare any money for food. Brent gave him twenty dollars to spend on some food but it turned out he was supposed to use the money to buy spare parts for the suit his alter-ego Deus Ex Machina possessed (John had been getting involuntary spasms in one of his suit's arms). But John decided to go to the bank to make a withdrawal.

Later on, John met the man again on his way to get some food. While John and the man exchanged kind words, the man suddenly took a bullet to the back of his head right in front of John. He was killed instantly by the sniper's bullet.

After John abandoned the scene of the Assassin's suicide, the public questioned if Deus Ex Machina was behind the shooting. After Derek Owen captured Deus Ex Machina, he made an official statement describing how Deus Ex Machina confessed to him that he shot the homeless man, and when cornered, shot himself in the head. This was dismissed after Owen became mayor and began his corrupt regime, and Deus Ex Machina killed him.

[edit] AssassinEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 3 - "Corrupt""

An Assassin hired by Phillip O'Malley to eliminate Deus Ex Machina. When he performed the assassination, he missed John and killed the homeless man talking to him. When Deus Ex Machina finally cornered him, he drew a pistol and shot himself before Deus could stop him. It is later revealed that the mayoral candidate Derek Owen is also behind the assassination attempt.

[edit] UNSCDF Combat OfficersEdit

Only Appearance: Episode 8 - "Doomsday (Part 1 of 2)"

Two combat officers dispatched by the UNSC to kill Deus Ex Machina.

After the accidental shooting of the civilian's son, and the recent crime spree by Deus Ex Machina (due to the Alien Parasite's infection, unbeknownst to anyone else but him and Michael), Mayor Russell Simpson had to reluctantly call the UNSC to assist in taking down Deus Ex Machina. In response, the UNSC sent down two combat officers with orders to take out Deus Ex Machina.

At one point, the two officers managed to subdue and hold at gunpoint Deus Ex Machina. When they prepare to execute him, they offered him last words, to which Deus replied "Yeah. I think your Warthog's on fire over there". The two officers turned around, making fun of Deus's supposed escape attempt, but when they did turn around, Deus had disappeared like he'd vanished into thin air. They took the Warthog and drove down the road, not knowing where he went, when Deus Ex Machina had actually been hiding in a bush nearby, using Active Camouflage.

Two weeks after John abandoned being Deus Ex Machina and his best friend Michael, the two officers continued their search, even though their hadn't been a single sighting of him since he escaped their last encounter.

They have not been seen since, but it can be assumed they were called in to assist in defending Salvation from the Doomsday attack.

[edit] Mr. DennisonEdit

First Appearance: Episode 8 - "Doomsday (Part 1 of 2)"

A teacher at the UCSC (University College of Salvation City) John attended 5 years prior to the events of Deus Ex Machina. He scolded John Brent for not knowing what to do with his future and not caring for it. He is later seen registering the pupils for their lesson taking note not to mention Patrick Owen's name. At the time of John and Michael's education, he wore a MJOLNIR Mark V suit, much unlike to the students who wore the newer Mark VI.

Dennison is seen, in a newer Mark VI suit, giving out diplomas at the University Graduation in one of John Brent's flashbacks when he remembers all of his friends who have died because of the Salvation City crime epidemic.

[edit] Trivia/GoofsEdit

  • DigitalPh33r has stated Deus Ex Machina was his favorite series, and his favorite episode was episode 4/5. This status of favorite, as of April '09, has dropped dramatically to one of Jon's least favorite works. So much in fact, that Jon has refused to list Deus Ex Machina on his list of works on his new blog, the reason being that he thinks the writing is extremely bad.
  • Deus's shoulders are orange for the opening of Episode 1, but are steel to match the rest of his suit in all other episodes. He also wore a different Chest Armor (The CQB Chest) for the first episodes rather than the Hayabusa Body Armor. This was, in fact, DigitalPh33r's armor permutation at the time. It could have been a mistake or for filming reasons. And Digitalph33r has mentioned he has another profile for Hayabusa, so he could have started using that. And the Chest Plate can be accounted for that the suit went through numerous upgrades during the first half of the series.
  • No-one has ever dual wielded any weaponry in Deus Ex Machina, maybe due to the need to hold the weapon down.
  • There has never been a female character in the show, although woman screams can be heard during panic crowd scenes.
  • The song heard in the opening sequence from Episode 4 onwards is "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist" by Muse. Two other Muse songs, "City of Delusion" and "Hysteria" were heard in Episode 1 and Episode 2 respectively.
  • This, along with Abnormality, is the only machinima series that does not involve comedy, which is most common with DigitalPh33r's productions.
  • Deus Ex Machina is also said to be a remake of Abnormality due to taking place in the last city on Earth and involving all resedents having low-class Mk. IV armour, but has nothing to do with the characters from Abnormality.
  • Episode 9 - Act 4 was re-released due to the unlicensed use of "Ride The Lightning" by Metallica at the start of the episode.
  • In DigitalPh33r's two part Holiday Special, John Brent is featured along with Hard Justice character, Max. Max was negotating with John, who was suicidally depressed, threatening to kill himself. Max, as typical of the characters of the Hard Justice series, did practically the opposite of his job, and John shot himself on the edge of the building. When his body fell in front of Max, he merely called him "a cry baby".
  • The Holiday Special itself is non-canon, but questions have arised to what Deus Ex Machina's suicide in the Special may actually imply about the fate of the series.
  • Deus Ex Machina does not mean "bringer of change", it is latin for "god out of a machine".
  • Oddly enough, McFarlane Toys released a figure of a steel hayabusa spartan that bears a great resembelence to Deus.

[edit] FinishingEdit

  • Around November/December 2008, DigitalPh33r announced that he was unlikely to finish the series, as it would end up being very anticlimatic due to the music score now having to be of an unprefered choice due to copyright regulations. However, he also stated that he does hope to finish the series, but warned if he does, it will take a long period of time to do so.
  • The series' finishing was also the subject of a joke on April Fools 2009, in which DigitalPh33r made a post on his blog telling viewers that in spite of himself, he decided to finish the series. Jon left a link at the end of the post supposedly directing people to the series finale, but instead sending people to a video entitled "Fresh Prince Rolled".
  • Jon created a new Blogspot account to replace his prior one in an attempt to drop his nickname. On this site, he lists almost all of his prior work except Deus Ex Machina, stating it is a piece of crap.

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