Forecast The Series, more commonly known as Forecast, is a well-known Machinima created by Young Street Productions back in May of 2008.

Conceived and written by the head of Young Street Productions, Tyler Gunstream, the first episode premiered in May 10, 2008, as the test run of Machinima in general. Tyler tested his skills with Machinima acting, filmmaking, editing, and scriptwriting and decided to release the series to see if it was well-recieved, and if the first two episodes were flops, he'd leave Machinima forever.

Surprisingly for the young writer, the series caught on quickly, and soon became a well-known Machinima, even nominated as the Best Machinima of 2008. It is partly considered a hit due to its effective use of the Forge system, the monitor form also representing the witty camera Zoom.

The plot follows fellow ex-Spartans Craig, Eugene, and Scooter, along with camera Zoom and new recruit Erwin as they battle to maintain their job at Weather Station Z 41 against two main adversaries: Boredom and Themselves.


Season 1Edit

Forecast The Series TeaserEdit

The teaser consists primarily of an opening text describing how some soldiers were displaced after the Human-Covenant War and then shows a picture of Craig, who shows complete incompetence with a camera. The text then shows that this was the story of those soldiers who were displaced.

Episode 1: "S.S.D.D."Edit

The episode starts off with Craig doing his usual work of recording a forecast, once again confusing the red light from Zoom and screwing up half of the forecast with his rambling. Eugene comments that it was one of Craig's best forecasts, but Craig points out how the temperature never really changes and how using all of the expensive equipment was redundant if he could go outside and guess the temperature himself. Zoom sighs as Craig points out how Eugene thought that a meteorologist was actually someone who flew to distant meteors and killed any aliens on them, while Eugene seemed to pass it off without reaction.

Craig then goes on on how Weather Station Z 41 is constantly dark and how it was depressing being stuck in the middle of nowhere. After settling the matter that there was always an echo when Craig said "Nowhere" was normal crazy and not crezazy, Zoom flies off to submit the video while Craig blames Eugene for getting him stuck on the weather station. According to Craig, Eugene had begged for the two of them to be in the Spartan program. While both survived and were fully certified Spartans, the war ended shortly after and they never had a chance to fight against the Covenant, and therefore ended up here. Eugene then offers Craig to ride around with him on the Mongoose, an offer he quickly refuses.

Later, it turns out that Craig had eventually agreed to the matter. While Scooter and Eugene fixed up the Mongoose, Craig checked to make sure that Zoom wasn't recording. He is confused about what the red light on Zoom's camera meant, but, obviously forgetting what Zoom had told him earlier, he is easily fooled when Zoom says that a green light means that it is on and that a red light means that it's broken. Scooter randomly pipes how Mongooses didn't exist back in his day, and how they rolled a tire down a hill for fun, and Eugene offers to ride around on the Mongoose brokeback style. Craig woefully mutters, "I hate my life."

Later, Eugene agrees that predicting the weather was pretty easy, and Craig comments on how the job of predicting the weather was the "Gym Teacher of TV News." Scooter pipes in on the intercom a bit after (with Eugene noting how he always says his name and position when on the intercom), saying that the blueberry fella (which happens to be Zoom) got stuck in the Engine Room vent shaft again. Craig and Eugene agree to help him, Craig muttering on how this had better be the last time.

What Zoom Sees: "Mongoose Mayhem"Edit

Zoom's video feed consists entirely of Craig simulating a rampaging bull with the Mongoose, with Eugene holding on and cheering happily. Eugene offers to be the Catcher while he is the Pitcher and Craig angrily exclaims, "I'm done.", walking off-screen.

Episode 2: "Safety First"Edit

The three Spartans find Zoom stuck up in the air shaft again, who apparently got stuck up there after failing a Darth Vader impression and getting caught in the air current. Once getting Zoom down, Craig informs the three that they would be watching some Safety Training videos he found in the closet, saying that they would help prevent more disasters and that they should be at least fun to watch.

After starting the video Safety in the Work Place, (misspelled Saftey) created by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, they watch the film (and make side comments most of the time) open to Timmy, who takes a tour around Weather Station Z 41 on his first day. After looking at the board "Times Without An Accident", which is currently on 1532 days. Timmy is shown the Flight Deck, where someone suffers a grenade accident during the tour and is incinerated. He is also shown the laboratory of Dr. Professor Fukenhimer, who is currently working on some Coils of Fusion (Fusion Coils). Shortly after, though, the entire laboratory explodes. Timmy also sees the Cooling Exhaust, where Zoom was stuck in earlier. The video also shows someone being killed from being sucked into the fans above. Timmy is also shown the Trash Chute, where a person is shown being crushed by falling debris.

At the end of the video, everyone points out that Weather Station Z 41 is more of a death trap than they previously thought.

What Zoom Sees: "The Shaft"Edit

Zoom's video feed shows that Scooter had traveled by Zoom multiple times. Due to being deaf, which is revealed in this video, he passes Zoom multiple times before even noticing the camera, greatly aggravating Zoom.

Episode 3: "New Blood and Love"Edit

Craig is shown speaking with someone from the network, arguing about how getting a new team member would be irrelevant as they already had enough people to predict their awesome weather. The network says that they have the room, so they're sending the new recruit anyway.

Soon after the transmission, Zoom declares his love for someone. After Craig pointing out that it would require more desperation for a relationship between the two to begin, Zoom says that he's falling in love with another person online, ILoveKittens, that he spoke with in a chat room. Craig warns him against a relationship, saying that it's probably a creepy guy or some kid who's bored. Zoom is completely blinded by love and ignores Craig's warnings. Craig later finds Eugene in the barracks by the computer and, after a difficult interrogation, learns that he was speaking with a girl online, SeduceAndDestroy. After a bit of coaxing, he learns that Eugene's screen name is ILoveKittens, making Zoom SeduceAndDestroy. Craig laughed at this, now knowing that his friends were in love with each other without knowing.

Craig, in an attempt to stop further embarrassment for his friends, tries to convince Eugene to get a picture from SeduceAndDestroy. Scooter, hearing the conversation, asks what the Internet is, and Craig says, "The internet is this entity that keeps the world revolving. If the internet crashed, then the world would stop spinning in space and probably explode." After Scooter falls for his trick, Craig explains that only a longwinded, unexplainable answer would be best to tell Scooter, otherwise it would lead to more drawn out questions and him talking for an entire hour.

After a while, Craig explains to the others that the network was sending a new employee to Weather Station Z 41. Zoom says that he'll enjoy hazing the new guy, in which Craig asks if it'll be similar to when they abandoned him on an ice cliff. Eugene tells Craig that, if the new guy tried to tell them how to run things, Eugene would give him something to think about, then punches and says his sound effect, "Douche." Craig first tells Eugene to calm down, then hesitates when he realizes what Eugene said. Zoom and Scooter take a liking to his sound effect, saying things like, "I douched that guy so bad." and "I just douched my face." Craig points out that he didn't invent the word, and Eugene asks what it means if he didn't invent it. Craig tells them the meaning, shocking all of them, then tries to point out the unknown relationship between Eugene and Zoom, though the two, enraged, interrupt him. Craig decides to keep it a secret for the moment.

What Zoom Sees: "Mirror, Mirror"Edit

Zoom's video feed shows Craig talking in a mirror, complimenting himself. When Craig begins singing to himself, Zoom makes a wise-crack comment on his song, causing Craig to notice Zoom. The video feed is abruptly cut off soon after.

Episode 4: "Spring Cleaning"Edit

Craig is seen throwing a lot of junk and debris out into the flight deck. Eugene, approaching him, is nearly decapitated by a flying barrel. When asked, Craig explains that he wanted to make the base look neat and organized to impress the new recruit so the network wouldn't fire them for incompetence and send Craig back to the unemployment office. He then gets a quick flashback of the unemployment office, where the lady running the office showed little professional ability.

Craig then asks Eugene where he was for the last few hours, and Eugene responds that he was chatting with the old ball 'n chain, signifying that he and Zoom had entered an online relationship without knowing it, and that he was taking a deuce, disgusting Craig with his definition of certain poops, one in particular the iceburg poop. Craig tells Eugene to get Zoom and organize the stuff he had cleaned out while he helped Scooter in maintenance.

Downstairs, he sees Scooter complaining about the engine, saying that it might give way and that they would lose power. Craig emphasizes the importance of fixing the engine before the recruit arrives, inadvertently causing the station to echo his "Nowhere!" once again, but causes Scooter to ramble on about his old job as a paper boy. Craig slowly backed out of the engine room, though Scooter remained oblivious to his absence and continued his monologue.

Back up, Craig sees that Eugene and Zoom had organized the stuff, though had created a fort instead of putting it away. Craig angrily explains what he wanted, but Eugene, either not knowing or caring, asks if they could camp outside in their little fort. Craig irately denies his request, and the two say that their girlfriends would never say that to them, which causes Craig to imagine the two as a real couple.

Back down, Craig checks on the status of the engine. He is relieved when Scooter confirms that the engine is fixed and only a few tests remain, but is slightly unnerved when he learns that Scooter must be careful not to short out any wires. When he asks why, Scooter accidentally DOES short out some wires, causing a station lockdown.

In another room, Eugene attempts to knock down the door to get to his laptop in the com room. Zoom tells him not to waste his strength, then he and Zoom are distracted by an unknown shuttle dropping off cargo in the flight deck. As the shuttle flies off, Zoom, enraged, yells at the shuttle, complaining that they had just cleared the flight deck.

What Zoom Sees: "S.B.D."Edit

Zoom's video feed mainly consists of Eugene taking a deuce, having a bit of trouble with it. When he finishes, he looks back and comments that Craig just had to see it, then notices Zoom recording nearby. Zoom, astonished, quickly cuts off the feed.

Episode 5: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"Edit

Craig, who is still trapped in the engine room, is completely irritated as Scooter randomly begins babbling on on the progression of Warthogs. Craig explains that he just asked how they were going to get out and was completely bewildered on how Scooter got to Warthogs. Scooter, oblivious, begins talking about the progression from Coal and Steam to Electricity. After Craig vows to cancel the History channel, he sees the engine room door open.

Eugene and Zoom, who apparently have been out of their room for about forty-five minutes, explain that there was an override switch on all of the rooms. After Craig complains about how they had left him with "The energizer bunny that won't shut up.", Zoom tells him that he is welcome in a form of abbreviation. Eugene explains that Zoom had been on his blog way too much and had been picking up the internet slang, becoming nearly incomprehensible to everyone except Eugene. Craig begins to complain again, but Eugene randomly drifted off to the issue of Vegetable Oil and Baby Oil. Craig asks if his mind usually drifts off randomly, to which Eugene says that he is very unique.

Back on the flight deck, Craig asks how the new supplies got on, to which Eugene says that a Hornet dropped by and left the cargo. Zoom tells his story in the same acronym form as before, which causes Craig to mutter to himself how it was a miracle that he hadn't jumped off the base yet. Scooter points out an empty box, to which Eugene asks why someone would pack an empty box. Before Craig can fully explain, though, the new recruit comes in, introducing himself as Professor Erwin Fukenhimer.

After a small dilemma with Erwin's name, where everyone kept mispronouncing his name as Ervin, Craig questions his origins. Erwin explains that, after Timmy had caused the catastrophes that plagued the station, the station was closed down, everyone was reassigned, and Timmy was banned from the network as a result. Craig asks if it was just a movie, in which Erwin says that it was, but no one was supposed to be hurt. Craig welcomes Erwin to the station, which causes an applause from Erwin's Applause System, activated by Eugene. After Eugene fiddles around with the system, irritating Craig, the two return to the flight deck, where Eugene and Craig discuss Erwin.

Craig says that he's at least better than Scooter, but Eugene says that he's still suspicious of him, and therefore assigned Zoom to watch over him. The scene switches to Zoom and Erwin, where the former converses and insults Erwin in his blog speak, which causes Erwin to tell Craig that he thinks that Zoom's brain was broken. Craig says that he didn't want to do anything since he didn't want Zoom to forget his girlfriend. When Eugene compliments Craig for accepting their relationships, Craig says that he does in a sense.

Craig suggests that they throw Erwin a party to invite him, which reminds Eugene of the Halloween party a long time ago when Craig scared Eugene with his Sangheili (Elite) costume. After Craig points out that the only attempt Eugene made to look like Master Chief was using a green secondary color, he asks if they should make more forecasts since they hadn't done any in a long time. Eugene suggests that they rerun some of their old forecasts, since no one would really tell the difference. As Eugene laughs and adopts Zoom's speech, Craig tells him not to start it.

What Zoom Sees: "Great Balls of Fire"Edit

Zoom's video feed shows a prank he and Eugene played on Scooter, where they frightened Scooter with a death machine that happened to be a flamethrower when he went into Erwin's room.

Episode 6: "Out With the Old, In With the New"Edit

After an awkward moment of Zoom forgetting how to record forecasts and Craig correcting Eugene of the correct use of the word "Literally", Craig asks why he's standing in front of a blue screen. Erwin explains that, in order to leave Weather Station Z 41 for bigger, better, and less nowhere-ish stations, they had to impress the station with an extraordinary forecast. Craig somewhat disagrees, though, saying that the station had grown on him and that he didn't mind being stuck out in the middle of nowhere. In a peculiar state where there was no echo to answer Craig's "Nowhere", Eugene suggests that the station had began to take a liking to Craig, though Craig angrily states that it wasn't a fairy tale land and that it was a useless iceburg in the middle of nowhere. Answering Craig's explanation was his overdue echo, where Zoom commented that "The station literally hates you."

Craig dismisses the issue, asking Erwin what the blue screen could do. Erwin explains that it can display a variety of images to make it seem like Craig is anywhere in the world and begans showing images of a fertile valley, a tropical beach, and a military cliffside, where Zoom comments, "So this is what it feels like to be on drugs."

Later, Craig visits Erwin's room and finds it even more dangerous than Zoom's with all of the Fusion Coils littered around. Craig asks why he has everything scattered around, accidentally triggering a small feud between Erwin and the UNSC involving the name Fusion Coils in replace of Erwin's name Coils of Fusion. He then asks why he has everything scattered around once more, seeing how he had blown himself up previously, but Erwin says that all of the accidents that had happened in the base were because of Timmy. Scooter, also viewing the room, then gets caught up in one of Erwin's stray grav-lifts and is flung out of the room. Craig calls out to him, asking if he was alright, and Scooter confirms his health, also commenting that he may have pooped a little iceburg.

Craig, later, goes over to Eugene to recount the event but is caught off-guard as Eugene confesses that he's going to meet his girlfriend online for the first time. Using webcams, he intends on meeting her face-to-face. Craig laughs, knowing who is girlfriend really is, and says that the day keeps getting better and better. Craig gets even more overjoyed when he learns that Eugene wants Craig by his side for the fateful event, saying that he was always around for him. Eugene then remembers an event where he and Craig were at the beach and got stung by a jellyfish, painfully requesting for Craig to pee on him. Craig also remembers the event, where Eugene had greatly embarrassed him in front of a few beach-goers.

Craig asks when this event is going to occur, and Eugene confrims that it would happen in a few seconds. Back at the computer, Eugene brings up the webcam and, to both of them, shockingly learns that it was actually Zoom. While Craig is laughing at the revelation, Eugene and Zoom are distraught and disgusted, wishing that they could take back some of the things they had told each other. Eugene, now completely aware of what had just happened, turns to Craig and tries to explain that he didn't know it was Zoom and that he wasn't g---

"Don't worry. Don't ask, don't tell." laughed Craig. However, before Eugene can fully explain himself, an explosion is heard in the distance. After the credits, an unknown Spartan walks up to an all-seeing monitor object, stating that there was a problem.

What Zoom Sees: "The Big Bang"Edit

Showing what had happened after the explosion, Zoom's video feed shows Zoom returning to the scene of the accident, seeing Erwin's room a mess and Scooter unconscious amidst the wreckage. After failing to revive the aged Spartan, Zoom speeds off, not noticing a hazy figure in the doorway.

Episode 7: "The Best Defense..."Edit

After a brief discussion with Craig ranting about the ATM machine, explaining that the littlest things bug him the most, they begin interrogating Erwin, who they had left inside the garbage chute. Craig, Eugene, and Zoom begin accusing Erwin of the cause of the mishaps before and now in Weather Station Z 41, such as the explosion, his belongings tumbling on Craig, and Eugene chucking the only set of keys to the barracks off of the Weather Station, which Craig points out was his fault entirely. Erwin asks how long he'll have to stay in the chute, in which Craig says that he'll speak with the network to decide his fate.

Later, in the communication room, Craig and Eugene are gathered at the screen, calling the network. Craig warns Eugene not to tell the network about them abandoning Erwin in the chute, but then goes off on a rant on how stupid the network heads were for sending Erwin in the first place, oblivious to the fact that a network representative was on the line. The network representative, a female Spartan called Amy who apparently knows Craig and Eugene, says that she heard enough from Craig.

Craig asks how long Amy had worked at the network, to which she replies that she's been working at the network for a while. Amy skips to the point of her call, explaining that years back, a dangerous soldier had infiltrated Weather Station Z 41 with the intention of destroying it, and was apparently the one Erwin had accused: Timmy. Craig and Eugene explained how they thought Erwin was exaggerating, but Amy confirms that he wasn't. Zoom complains on how she had only called just to say that Timmy was a bad guy, but Amy then says that she called to notify them that Timmy had escaped, sending them in a panic.

Amy tells them not to be worried, though, as air and ground traffic had been completely shut down and that troops were combing the city, searching for the rogue super-soldier. She then tells them that, if Timmy happened to somehow escape from the city, he would most likely come to Weather Station Z 41, stressing for them to gather Erwin and the materials underneath the flight deck to assemble the defense system to repel Timmy.

Back on the flight deck, Craig and Eugene apologize to Erwin for falsely accusing him, locking him the trash chute, dumping their trash on him, and spitting in his coffee that morning, which Craig notes that he was the only one that drank coffee in the station. Eugene forgives them, saying that he was happy that the entire issue was settled. Eugene then observes the system, which was a group of chain guns that instantly targeted any unidentified aircraft or personal, according to Erwin. Eugene then sees one of Erwin's other inventions, a Bubble Shield, where Erwin explains its purpose. Eugene deploys it only to find it a dud, and the two taunt Erwin on the failed device.

Back in the communication room, Zoom puts up the finishing touches on the cameras, showing them a complete feedback on every single camera in the base, as well as the turrets. As an additional bonus, Zoom says that he had uploaded snippets of his own work on the video log. The videos, which turn out to be all of the What Zoom Sees videos from previous episodes, gain a negative response from Craig, who is pissed that Zoom had recorded that Mongoose scene all the way from episode one. Zoom then plays the latest video, The Big Bang, where it shows the previous What Zoom Sees video. At the end, Craig notices something by the doorway and rewinds the video, noting a transparent image by the doorway.

He quickly tells Zoom to notify the network, telling them that it was too late... that Timmy had already gotten to the base.

What Zoom Sees: "Entrapment"Edit

Zoom's video feed consists of him going into Erwin's room after a note specifically targeted him not to. After looking at Erwin's inventions, he catches sight of Erwin's newest invention and tinkers with it, accidentally activating the Bubble Shield which turns out to actually work. Scooter walks by and stares at Zoom, a captive in the Bubble Shield, but walks off, oblivious to his pleas for help.

Episode 8: "The Return of Timmy"Edit

The episode opens with a message from Amy, crippled with static, while Craig and Eugene discuss the bad connection with the Network. They then come to the air pipe, where they find Zoom stuck on the top of the pipe once again. Zoom, however, says that he's best off there since he would be safer and harder to find than them down there.

Craig turns to Scooter and Erwin, who were standing on-guard at the entrance. Craig asks what the two were trying to accomplish, which starts Scooter on a rant on his earlier days as a watchman for the UNSC, which ultimately puts him to sleep, and then asks Erwin what he's trying to accomplish with his pitiful invention. Erwin explains the purpose of his light flashlight, which is supposed to emit a small burst of plasma, but Eugene asks if it was as successful as the rest of his pitiful inventions.

Craig then asks for someone to go look for Timmy in the base. The two instantly nominate Craig to go, but Craig states that, without him, the entire base would fall apart. He turns to Erwin, who says that he can't go since his inventions could benefit the base. The two turn to Eugene, who blatantly states that he was not ready to die yet. He suggests Zoom, and Craig agrees since Zoom could fly away if danger threatened, but Zoom, being a coward, declines. Eugene suggests Scooter, but Craig says that he wouldn't wake him up only to hear him rant once again. The four begin bickering on who they should send out to find Timmy until one voice volunteers. Craig thanks the man, but then realizes it wasn't anyone else.

Enter Timmy. Scooter immediately wakes up, but, after looking Timmy in the eye, apparently does not recognize their worst enemy and tells them it's all clear, turning to check out the outside. The three immediately raise their weapons to combat Timmy, but Timmy raises his first, telling them to lower their weapons and for Scooter to lower the flashlight.

Back on the rooftops, Craig asks how Timmy had even gotten to Weather Station Z 41. Timmy narrates his escape from the cell, saying that, after overhearing that Erwin was being shipped back to base, infiltrated the loading dock and stowed away in a crate that held some of Erwin's experimental camouflage technology, Timmy commenting on how he had gotten something right. After finishing, though, he notices that Craig and nearly everyone else were more enticed by his rifle, which had a scope, rather than his actual story. Timmy asks if they were listening, to which the two claim they did but actually didn't. Timmy claims how they were complete idiots, though the four instead retort with overused and sometimes disjointed insults. Timmy notes how one of them says Timmy and states angrily that his name was Tim and that he absolutely hated it when people called him Timmy.

Craig then asks exactly what Timmy was trying to accomplish by destroying the weather station. Timmy explains that ultimate powers, such as the Network, would eventually fall, and that the destruction of the station was but a stepping stone to his goal. Scooter asks if he was going to shoot them, but Timmy says that they were of no threat, and that he had something bigger in mind.

What Zoom Sees: "Entrapment: The Payback"Edit

Zoom's video feed reveals Zoom's successful attempt at trapping Scooter in the engine room as payback for his negligence back in Erwin's room. As Scooter cries for help, Zoom hovers in and gloats, then flies off as Scooter says that he had to use the bathroom.

Episode 9: "A Change of Plans"Edit

Timmy herds the rest of the station's inhabitants into the barracks, adamantly stating that the destruction of the weather station would be a forecast even they wouldn't be able to predict. After Craig points out how long he must have waited to say that pun, Timmy locks them inside the barracks and proceeds to destroy the station.

Inside, the four deliberate on how to deal with Timmy. Eugene suggests that they rush him, but Craig notes that Timmy could most likely waste them without trying. Zoom and Scooter support abandoning the base, though Eugene points out how difficult it would be to find transport off of the station, and Craig supports a plan of finding some way to defeat Timmy, saying that he didn't spend ages on the station to let someone take it away from him. He then asks Erwin how many blue screens he has, devising a plan.

Outside, Timmy finishes wiring the remainder of the explosives. The defense grid, which was ironically going to be the fuse that lit the explosives, is shut down, and Craig approaches Timmy. Craig tells him that he can't possibly overpower all of them, and Timmy says that he probably can't, but he could overpower and kill Craig. Following, he spins around and shoots Craig. Zoom watches Craig's death in horror, then turns and exclaims how they would exact revenge. Timmy asks if he would want to join his friend in death, though a familiar voice greets Timmy.

Craig addresses him, his body somehow vanishing. He repeats how Timmy couldn't possibly overpower all of them, but Timmy objects, saying that he was the only one out on the deck. Craig agrees, a multitude of Craig clones surrounding Timmy. Being called Timmy one too many times, he goes into an enraged frenzy due to his hatred of the nickname and shooting at the Craig clones.

The clones dissipate, showing blue screens in their place. Timmy laughs, saying how Craig's pitiful little plan had failed. Craig says otherwise, throwing down one of Erwin's Bubble Shields with no effect. As Timmy laughs at one of Erwin's failures, he is suddenly hit by an overcharged bolt of plasma. Erwin appears on a ledge, explaining how his so-called flashlight could disable suits with a fully-charged shot. As Timmy is unable to move, Craig signals Eugene and Scooter, who were mounting a Coil of Fusion on a gravity lift to fling at Timmy.

"Score one for the screw-ups," Craig says, as the Bubble Shield miraculously springs to life. Timmy screams just before the Coil of Fusion hits him.

Later, Amy's reinforcements secure the base and apprehend Timmy. Amy credits the five, saying how she didn't expect the station to be intact when she arrived. She notes how she can get in touch with a few people of the network and get them a promotion and off of the weather station, but the five decline, Craig saying that he had grown used to the weather station.

Amy tells them that she'll keep the promotion in mind, but otherwise departs with Timmy in tow, also telling Craig to keep the gun. Eugene asks if he could hold Timmy's gun, which Craig says that he had taken the shot and therefore should keep the spoils, even though Zoom says that it was just a recording of him falling down. Eugene then asks if Craig wants to ride around in the Mongoose, which Craig harshly rejects.

Back at Sector 02 Maximum Prison, Amy interrogates Timmy, asking what his motives were. Timmy says that he's just the beginning, and that the diabolical plot was not finished.

What Zoom Sees: "Tunnel Time"Edit

Zoom's video feed shows the five escaping the barracks via the air duct. While crawling through the ducts, Scooter, in the lead, causes complaints from the other four. Eugene complains how slow Scooter's going, to which he then notices a horrid smell in the vent. Scooter says he feels better, and Eugene exclaims the disgust of Scooter's fart, comparing it to burning garbage or a diaper with peas and carrots in it. Zoom complains that he can taste the smell just before the feed ends.

Season 2Edit

Forecast The Series: Season 2 TeaserEdit

The scene shows the phone ringing and eventually playing a recording message where the crew was talking about how the group had gone on vacation, much to the dismay of the group who had learned too late that their entire conversation had been put onto an answering recording.

Episode 10Edit

Holiday SpecialsEdit

Easter Time!Edit

Released on Easter, this episode breaks the Fourth Wall as Craig talks to the audience about Easter. Eugene pops in in a white suit, explaining that he should dress up as Easter Chief for Easter. However, he confuses Easter with Christmas in his description.

As Craig corrects him, Eugene confuses Christmas with a screwed-up version of Thanksgiving. As Craig corrects him, Eugene confuses Thanksgiving with Independence Day. As Craig corrects him, Eugene confuses Independence Day with a screwed-up version of the movie Independece Day, confusing the lead actor Will Smith with Meg Ryan and Bily Crystal and throwing in Presidents Day and St. Patrick's Day.

As Craig corrects all of his errors, Eugene confuses New Years Eve with Easter, causing Craig to leave before the entire thing loops. Scooter also pops in later on with the same costume, accidentally representing Santa.


Main CharactersEdit


The primary protagonist of the series and the one character that resembles Tyler Gunstream the most, Craig is the unofficial leader of Weather Station Z 41 and the weatherman. While it is implied that he had a promising future ahead of him, his friend Eugene begged for him to join him in the Spartan program when the Human-Covenant War started, though the war ended sometime after they got out of Basic and they never had a chance to fight alongside the marines. Unemployed, they eventually ended up on Weather Station Z 41. He declares time and time again that he hates his job, hates being on Weather Station Z 41, and hates especially being in the middle of nowhere.

He has the only leadership skills out of the inhabitants, however mediocre, and is the second smartest out of the five. He is lazy, though not as much as Eugene, and constantly complains and points out the several flaws of the station, the primary one being that the weather never changes. He also points out that predicting the weather takes little, if any effort and all of the money spent toward the Weather Station is virtually useless as the expensive equipment is unneeded.

However, at the season finale, he valiantly declares that, while the Weather Station was the worst place he had ever been assigned to, he wasn't going to let anyone take it away from him.

He is voiced by Tyler Gunstream, also known as Gunny.


The laziest, yet most creative one of the bunch, Eugene is constantly reprimanded from Craig. According to Craig, Eugene was the reason why they were stuck on Weather Station Z 41, as well as other mishaps, like the barracks keys being thrown off of the station. He usually gets himself into trouble and, like Zoom, can be inconsiderate of other people's well-beings, such as when he took his time unlocking Craig from the maintenance room. Usually, when he needs to do something, he somehow does something else that infuriates Craig. His creativity is also demented and somewhat gross, as when he invents the iceberg poop and uses the word douche as a sound effect ever since he was a kid.

He is voiced by Jeff Dillbeck, friend and neighbor of Gunny.


Scooter needs only one word to describe every single action of his: Oblivious. Throughout the series, he has shown a complete aloofness to all of his rantings on the old days, which are greatly long-winded, and also shows neglect to aid others, mainly in the What Zoom Sees vids, where he fails to rescue Zoom twice. He is also prone to sleeping fits and is slightly deaf, requiring hearing aids.

He is voiced by Tyler Gunstream, also known as Gunny.


A witty camera, Zoom tends to be impulsive, childish, and disruptive, getting himself into more trouble than the entire cast combined. Being a flying camera, Zoom spies on nearly everyone in the Weather Station, recording his experiences in a web series, "What Zoom Sees", which he then introduces to Craig and Eugene with enraged insults. However, Zoom's spying abilities come in handy when they snuff out the traitor, Timmy. Zoom points out most of the flaws in the relationship between the duo, though he himself gets into his fair share of trouble, such as when he got stuck in the vent shaft and got into a relationship with Eugene without knowing it, suffering tragic results.

Zoom also shows a degree of cowardliness, such as when he refuses to hunt down Timmy even though he could fly out of shooting range. Despite all of this traits, he shows concern and compassion to his friends, like looking for help for Scooter when he was injured in the big explosion caused by Timmy.

Tyler Gunstream has commented that his most favorite character in the series was Zoom, since he was the childish little brother that liked to irritate the others on a constant basis.

He is voiced by Tyler Gunstream, also known as Gunny.

Professor Erwin FukenhimerEdit

The newest recruit to the group, Erwin is German, according to his accent, and an avid inventor. He used to be one of the former members of Weather Station Z 41, though was reassigned when Timmy killed all but him. His inventions include the Coils of Fusion, more commonly referred to by everyone in the UNSC as Fusion Coils which has resulted in a small feud between him and the UNSC, a Bubble Shield, which works occasionally, a turret system that fails to actually kill Timmy, and a Plasma Pistol which, despite its effectiveness, is referred to as a flashlight.

At first, he is suspected as the cause of Weather Station Z 41's recent disturbances, though Timmy's origins quickly brought an end to it. His Plasma Pistol and Blue Screen contributed to the downfall of Timmy, fortunately.

He is voiced by Tyler Gunstream, also known as Gunny.


The primary antagonist of the series, Tim, more commonly referred to as Timmy (which he hates to be called as) is a seemingly innocent kid in the video, though turns out to be a ruthless criminal who seems intent on the destruction of Weather Station Z 41.

A keen planner, excellent tactician, and superb marksman, his arrogance is the only reason why he failed to destroy Weather Station Z 41. He tried to destroy it in the past, though his ruse was discovered and he was imprisoned. Later, he escaped and caused a series of disturbances in the station before revealing himself to the crew and imprisoning them. Though nearly securing and destroying the base, he was defeated by Craig's ingenuity and Erwin's inventions.

He is voiced by Tyler Gunstream, also known as Gunny, in the second episode.

Major CharactersEdit


A representative of the network, Amy has been working with them after getting out of Basic. She first comes in when calling Craig and Eugene on the status of Timmy, then fails to send a warning to them in the episode following.

In the season finale, she, along with a group of soldiers, returns to Weather Station Z 41 to retrieve Timmy. She offers the quartet a chance to leave Weather Station Z 41 due to a promotion, but her offer is humbly declined, something she expected. Back at the base, she attempts to weed out information from Timmy once again, but fails to get any information.

She seems to be a gentle and intelligent officer, nearly the opposite of Craig, though is not entirely humorless. Her meeting with Craig and Eugene in the first episode was somewhat like a flirt, hinting that she may have an attraction with Craig or Eugene. Craig's following reaction may hint that he holds similar feelings toward her.

She is voiced by Stephanie Lewis, respectively the only female cast member of Young Street Productions

Minor CharactersEdit


Most likely the spokesperson of the news channel that Craig and Zoom upload their forecasts to. The news channel, or even John himself, have yet to be elaborated on.

Running JokesEdit

What Zoom SeesEdit

A tiny mini-series created by the little camera, Zoom. Usually on an entirely different YouTube video, these shorts consist of Zoom's video feed on random cast members. One time, though, Zoom's footage helped reveal the hidden saboteur, Timmy.

Craig's "Nowhere!"sEdit

Due to his immense hate of the Weather Station, the word "Nowhere" is cursed to be repeated in an echo where he is on the weather station, even if he's inside. Once, he actually seemed to accept his fate on Weather Station Z 41, which caused the echoes to stop, but then complained when Eugene brought up how the station must have liked him now and his echo came a while later.