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Machinima is a community of people known as "Machinimators" or "Machinimists" who use real-time three-dimensional graphics rendering engines to generate computer animation. The term "Machinima" comes from the combination of Machine animation or Machine Cinema, the latter being the more common of the two. Machinima means capturing video in a pre-rendered 3D enviroment, more commonly known as video games. This means videos can be rendered in real time which means less production time and production cost.

For a low-budget filmmaker, machinima can be used as a way to express and publish your ideas in a quick and efficent manner.

Creation Edit

On January 2000, Hugh Hancock, who there is no information about anywhere :(, the founder of Strange Company, launched a new website, His aim was to create a community where people could create videos using all kinds of video games. This not only could be three-dimensional games, but in some cases, it could be earlier games that were in two-dimensional, such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

The new site including items such as tutorials, interviews, and articles, but at this stage, people did not know what Machinima was for. It wasn't until later on in the year when the first Machinima, named Quad God was released. Quad God was created using Quake III Arena, and give or take a few years, the real side of Machinima was born.

Since then, millions of people have uploaded their own videos using all kinds of games. The most popular games used in Machinimating are World of Warcraft and the Halo games. Examples of popular videos are some such as Rooster Teeth's "Red vs. Blue", Apt-T Productions "Dude, Where's My Mount?", and Stone Falcon Productions's "Snacky's Journal".

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