Moviestorm is a free machinima tool created by UK based developer Short Fuze Limited. It allows aspiring film-makers to prototype an idea into film quickly and with ease.

It is currently at version 16.1 and hasn't seen an update since 2014.

Features Edit

  • Suitable for users with little knowledge of animation and/or film-making.
  • Robust multi-camera system with depth of field and focus.
  • A library of pre-defined characters, movements and behaviors
  • Animations, such as breathing, blinking, and lip synch, is fully automated, allowing users to focus on the interesting aspects of the creative process.
  • Film and edit scenes within the program (in beta)
  • Allows user-generated voice, sounds and music
  • Support Cel-shading rendering
  • A community web site
  • Create movie files suitable for upload to any of the major video-sharing sites (Google Video, YouTube, etc)

Expansion/content packs Edit

Regular upgrades and expansion packages designed to enhance every aspect of movie making are already in development. Some of them will be free to all Moviestorm users, others can be purchased separately. Free upgrades will be available for download on a monthly basis.

Moviestorm consists of a core product, suitable for making a limited range of movies. However an expanding range of content packs, consisting of more props, sets, and characters will enable you to create different types of movies.

These will come out every month and will deliver mainly themed assets based on movie genres. The features of each expansion pack will be different for each pack. However, they will normally contain some or all of the following:

  • New models (sets, props or characters)
  • New animations
  • New core elements (e.g. cars, dance choreography, fight moves etc)

Modders Workshop Edit

The creators are planning to release a mod tool for Moviestorm that allows to their users adding personal custom content such as animations, props and actors.

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