It starts out with Peach carrying a turnip on Yoshi's Island. Then, Link finds her. Link talks about how Zelda has been acting angry at him for four months straight. Peach then leaves to a warp pipe. Peach arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom, but falls into a gap.

Peach lands on Falco in the Great Bay. Falco gets angry and starts threatening her. He then realizes it's Princess Peach and introduces himself, apologizes, and offers to take Peach home on his ship.

The scene changes to Corneria. Falco however starts to creep out Peach. She immediatley runs to the end of the ship, and Falco kicked her off.

Peach lands in Onett where Captain Falcon and Ness are playing baseball with a Mr. Saturn. Peach asks to play with them. Captain Falcon accepts, but Peach accidentely tosses the bat at him, sending him flying. She then runs away.