Snake's Crazy Codecs - An Unfair Day is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360.This machinima talks about Snake and Peach.

Plot Edit

It starts when Snake is running and sonic is running around him saying to Snake your too slow over and over again than he chases Sonic and is blasting him with a Super Scope(with Ray Gun's Lasers).While still chasing Sonic, Snake runs in to Peach in Green Hill Zone.Snake says hi then she throws random items at him.

Snake calls Mei ling to know about Peach,but Colonel inturrupts and says that he is farting and the smell is Lights out for sure.Snake calls Otacon and Colonel says that Otacon is belly farting then Otacon farts and Snake says he's a wierdo.Colonel calls Snake and says once your farting, your always farting then Colonel goes La Li Lu Le Lo and hangs up then Snake starts yelling Colonel then he says (beep) you Snake.

Peach call Snake and says that ha should see what she taste like then Colonel,Otacon,Mei ling and Slippy start yelling SNAKE!!!.Peach hit Snake with a green shell then Snake grab a Giant Bob omb and throws it then Kirby is behind him with the bomb but this time, Snake grabs him and throws Kirby off the stage and says (beep) you pink marshmallow.Snake throws another Gaint Bob omb but Peach grabs it and throws it back at him causing him to fly off the stage then Sonic comes and says that they should do this again sometime then she threw another Giant Bob omb at Sonic which caused him to fly off as well and then she says Peachy.