Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a Fighting Game for the Nintendo Wii that has a small following in machinimation.

Advantages to using Brawl:

  • Being a fighter, brawl allows for very simple or very impressive fight scenes.
  • Contains a custom stage builder.
  • Contains over 3 dozen diverse characters from various nintendo franchises as well as sonic and snake.
  • Can be hacked, which allows almost total control over all of the game's physics, as well as super-powered versions of various characters.
  • The diverse character set allows for many crossover machinimas that would otherwise not be possible, as well as the use of characters from game series that do not have a game with vital machinima components.
  • when hacked, there is a pitch black stage that can be used for green-screening.

Disadvantages to using brawl:

  • Without hacking, the replay mode camera is rather restricted.
  • Very restricted movements.
  • exposed faces, making it clear that the characters' lips aren't moving.
  • 2.5D game, restricting character and camera movement.
  • replay mode camera can only focus on characters, and thus does not have a free movement camera.