Smash Bros MALR Collection 3 is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360.This machinima is a bunch of random clips that MALR created.

Don't mess with Captain Falcon 3. Edit

Olimar is at delfino beach and Zero Suit Samus was lying down in the sand,he drops a banana peel on the floor and leaves so someone could slip on it.Captain Falcon slips on the banana peel and lands on Samus,she attacks him while Olimar is laughing at him.Later, he is walking and behind him was Captain Falcon, he runs because he knows what captain falcon knows what he did.Olimar tries to escape by using his ship and head to New Pork City but Captian Falcon catches up and Falcon punches him.

The dinner. Edit

Toon Link and King Dedede are hungry and wondering what's for dinner then ganondorf kicks them both off the edge of the Bridge Of Eldin.Meanwhile, Snake battles Ike again and he was about to be defeated until Dedede lands on Ike causing him to fly off.Toon Link wonders what happened then Ganondorf gives them dinner even Snake had som of the food.later, Ike is hanging on the edge of the cliff and says that he won't get sympathy from me.

Superfalcon fails. Edit

Superfalcon(Captian Falcon as Superman) accidently punches Zelda(as Supermans love interest) and he goes Oh man!Oh God! over and over again.

Shut up, fool! Edit

Ganondorf is sleeping and Marth speaks to falco(dark costume) in japanese but he hits Marth for not speaking english then Snake tells Dark falco to show him a little respect and that it's a low blow.Falco eats a burger and says it's tasty then he asks what country is Snake from he replies by saying what,Dark Falco say that ain't no country he's ever heard of.later Falco was about to shoot Snake if he says what one more time then Ganondorf attacks Dark Falco and says Shut up fool.the moral of th is video was never disturb Ganondorf when he sleepsthen CDI Ganon says or else you will die.