TLS Productions is a new, independent machinima film studio based in Perth, Western Australia.


TLS Productions began in 2009, after the split of the members of live action filmmakers 'El Maurio Productions' in late 2008. One particular member owned a partner YouTube channel, 'WeCanPlayToo', designed to show videos of gaming, in particular gameplay footage of PC games running on low-end computer hardware. The videos were mainly unsuccessful, so instead of producing live action films that El Maurio Productions used to make, or the boring videos of high end games running at a terrible speed on low end hardware, however, TLS Productions would begin to make entertaining, witty and humourous 'machinima' productions, primarily based on the Grand Theft Auto games. These are hosted on the WeCanPlayToo YouTube channel.

Cinematic ProductionsEdit

  • "Police" - September 2007 (Experimental, Under TomDawg13 alias): Follows the (short) lives of numerous criminals, stuntmen and terrorists while they get smashed by manic local police hell-bent on stopping these vile human beings for good!
  • "Ragdoll Rampage" - July 2009: Watch the ragdolls fly as brave virtual stuntmen risk life and limb to provide you with entertainment! So far, this is TLS's most popular video, at close to 1,000 views.
  • "The Great Chase" - May 2010: Infamous street criminal Luis Lopez has just robbed a Cluckin' Bell and now he's in deep trouble with the Liberty City Police Department. Again. Follow Luis as he embarks on a 300KM/hour odyssey through the deadly mire that is Liberty City (New York City) and see if he makes it out alive!
  • "A Fight For Liberty" - June 2010: What would you do if your country depended on you, and you alone to bring it pride, glory and respect? "A Fight For Liberty" is the harrowing, uncensored, no holds barred, all out action tale of Sergeant Luis Lopez of the San Andreas Special Armed Forces and his one-man-army takeover of the greedy, seedy Republic of Liberty. A frighteningly relevant tale in the world's current uncertain economic and geopolitical climate, "A Fight For Liberty" is a film that is closer to home than you may think.


  • We Can Play Too! - A series of attempts to run popular, high end games on a super-low-end system, containing antiquated hardware from 2007 and even an 8500GT video card! This PC is still used to produce machinima, however.
  1. Prototype:
  2. Medal of Honor: Airborne:
  3. Crysis: Warhead:
  4. Crysis:
  5. Just Cause 2: (First HD broadcast)
  6. Bioshock 2:
  7. Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City:
  • Rarities In Gaming - Rarities In Gaming follows games that have slipped under the radar, have been lost in translation or early betas that practically nobody owns.
  1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 - PS1:

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