Tales Of the Subspace is an upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl Machima that will be based on the video game series Tales Of Symphonia.

The main character is Sonic The Hedgehog a blue supersonic hedgehog who goes on an adventure with his best friend Prince Marth the prince of Altea and the chosen of Mobious as he goes on a jouney to restore the world. Marth's other friends and protecters are Pit a young cheerful angel boy , Fox McCloud a Star Fox pilot who is retired and now is now teacher of the Altea school, and Princess Zelda a beautiful mysterious young woman with a hidden past. Later on four new characters joined Sonic's team Ike a powerful yet quiet mercenary who has a strange behavior. Princess Peach a lovely but a crazy man loving diva who is the chosen of Delfino, Mario a skilled fighter, and Samus Aran a tough bounty hunter.