The Final Slash is a super smash bros brawl machinima created by MALRwiistation360.In this machinima, he edits this machinima with his other machinimas.Time running: 5:26

plot Edit

Ganondorf,the King of Evil is having fun killing innocent people with his final smash(beast form).he attacks Ness and Lucas,Peach and Yoshi and Olimar AND Ice climbers. many heroes (Mario Bros,DK and diddy) tried and they failed.Marth and Ike both attack Ganondorf,Ike attacks him with Great Aether but he teleports out of the attack ,then, he battles marth and he gets hit by Ikes Great Aether.Later,Ganondorf grabs Ike(flame choke), marth attacks with critical hit but fails and Ganondorf uses his final smash on them.They all fail.

Then someone says it is written only link can defeat Ganon.Ganondorf and link begin to battle on the Bridge Of Eldin, link tries to attack but Ganondorf keeps teleporting behind him , then king bulbin puts a bomb in the middle of the brige.Ganondorf use warlock punch on link then he was about to use his final smash but link used clawshot on the edge of the broken bridge causing him to miss. then Link jump out of the edge and uses triforce slash on Ganondorf.while Link is attacking Ganondorf, Snake(from Super Smash Bros MALR Collection Snake vs Ike) flies by later he falls back down. then Fox and Falco(Super Smash Bros Contra)runs by and sonic(Classic Brawl Tv Shows 2)also runs by the bridge.Link finally defeats Ganondorf vanishing him for good.

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