The King's Dramatic Journey is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360. this machinima is the first to use texture hacks.

Plot Edit

Toon Link says that it's boring around Hyrule but the King of Hyrule (Ganondorf texture hacked) states that this peace is what all true warriors thrive for Toon Link wonder what Ganon's up to. Then Yellow Lucario says that Ganon has seize the island of Koridai, then The King says that he's going to Gamelon to aid him but Zelda (Toon Link texture hacked as Tetra) says that something will happen to him, but he assures her that he will take the Triforce of Courage to protect himself and that she should if they don't hear from him within a month, they send Toon Link then he say that he can't wait to bomb some Dodongos then the King tells them that his ship sails in the morning and wonders what is for dinner. Link agrees and states that his neglect has left him so hungry that he could eat an octorok then the King says enough to Toon Link then he gets mad.

The King of Hyrule asks Link, Ike, Marth and Roy (Ike texture hacked) to help him but they all said No. Then the King starts sailing with Mario, Luigi, Olimar, Dark Falco and Stephenie (Jigglypuff) then the King starts listening to the song You Are a Pirate in Spanish then Dark Falco grabs him and tells him to put the song in english and he starts to put it in english. The King starts dancing until he gets hit by the catapult at the front of the ship which made Mario, Luigi and Olimar laugh then the King is on an island and he runs because he sees that the ship is about to hit the island. Mario, Luigi and Olimar are at the end of the boat and they are still laughing until they fell overboard.

Then someone (MALR) writes Who will save Koridai and Why was the King going to Gamelon? Then a mysterious hero (Shiek) is going to Koridai on The King of Red Lions until a storm comes and she falls out of the ship. In Koridai (Delfino Plaza texture hacked), Ganondorf tells Sonic to he is presented the choices of joining him and having his face the greatest in Koridai or else he will dance with the DEVIL (Pikachu with DK's move set). Sonic had no choice but to join Ganondorf and Toon Link is still hungry and Stephenie still on the Pirate ship starts singing You Are a Pirate the Lucario says die.